Barry Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date: Hank Approaches Barry For Help

Release Date For Barry Season 3 Episode 4
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Barry Season 3 Episode 4 will see Cousineau running away from the town while Hank might turn to an unlikely ally at this point. Recently on the show, Barry had decided to let Cousineau live after he tried to kill him. Barry was planning to earn forgiveness from him by offering him an acting gig. If Cousineau doesn’t accept the offer quietly, Barry will go for his son and grandson.

Cousineau tried his best to go with the flow, but in the end, he couldn’t see Barry becoming successful. Especially after everything he did. This sees Cousineau walking out during the shoot of their scene after slapping Barry in the face. Amidst all of this, Sally managed to go through the media junket successfully, while Hank and Cristobal found themselves looking out for each other as Bolivians and Chechens were looking to kill each other. The question remains; how long will they manage to keep Bolivians and Chechens away from each other?

Barry Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date & Spoilers

Barry Season 3 Episode 4 will release on 15 May 2022. It is titled “All the Sauces”. The official synopsis of the Episode suggests we will see Hank getting desperate to solve the Bolivian problem. This may see him go back in circle to reconcile with Barry, who might have to ditch his acting gig for now.

Story For Barry Season 3 Episode 4
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On Sally’s side, after a successful media junket, her brand new show will premiere, while Gene hopes to skip town after backing out of the gig Barry brought for him. But there are a number of reasons that won’t let Gene escape that easily.

Barry S03E04 Release Time & Streaming Details

Barry Season 3 Episode 4 will air on HBO at 10 pm ET. The show will also be available to stream on HBO Max in the United States. Meanwhile, in Canada, Crave offers the third season of Barry and its coming fourth Episode. Elsewhere, in India, you can find it on Disney+ Hotstar. With that, we are six episodes away from Barry wrapping up its third season. So expect a new Barry episode every Sunday following the fourth for the third season.

Check out the official promo for Barry S03 E04 below.

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