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Barbie, Bratz, or Fairy on TikTok: What Is Going On With This Trend?

The Barbie
The Barbie

With followers spending more and more time on TikTok, the immensely popular app is making sure that there’s no a single dull moment for fans! While TikTok went on to become one of the most used, followers are keeping themselves entertained with back-to-back trends that everyone seems to be participating in, and it just gets a whole lot better!

While TikTok users are no stranger to changing trends that ranges from lip-syncing the songs to dancing songs to filter tends and many more, another new TikTok is doing the rounds, and it is all about it since the trend landed on the app. The trend is known as Barbie, Bratz, or Fairy! However, you might want to invite your whole group over to follow the trend. Let us take a look at how this ongoing TikTok trend works!

Know About The Newest TikTok Trend: Barbie, Bratz, or Fairy!

How does the whole trend work: well, you have to terrorize your friends. While some are like the sweet Barbie Dolls, some are the Bratz dolls while the other embodies Fairy tale groups. It is not quite known who actually started this trend that is spreading like wildfire! However, followers seem to be catching up, and it seems like we have our newest trend on TikTok.


Other websites and social media hotspots quickly used the ongoing trends and started to conduct these random quizzes to let people know what kind of a person they are and which Barbie, Bratz, or Fairyvide do these people give off! If you think that’s all about the quizzes, there’s much more to the ongoing trend as some people are also dressing up for the categories as well!

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Barbie, Bratz, or Fairy: The Ongoing TikTok Trend Is Turned To A BuzzFeed Quiz!

While the TikTok trend might be hard to keep track of, you can definitely take the Buzzfeed quiz where they ask you a few questions like what is your dream job, picking up a bedroom theme, favorite thing to binge-watch, how would one like to spend the day off, or where to go for lunch for friends. Once you answer these questions, you will get to what comes you give off in the category Barbie, Bratz, or Fairy!

While the trend is going viral in almost all popular social media sites, including Twitter, fans are also using some celebs and categorizing them according to their nature. Not to forget, some even pointed out how celebs like Doja Cat have channels with almost all three personalities! If you haven’t already participated in this viral trend or taken the quiz yet, we highly recommend it as it is quite fun to try both trends! However, this is not the only trend that is going around for all the TikTok users as we also see some fun trends like Marvel shape-shifting, where you just need to upload a photo with one or a few Marvel characters, and they will identify your lookalike! You will soon found out which Marvel character is your look alike!

Barbie, Bratz, or Fairy: What Other Trends Are Buzzing On TikTok?

If you think this trend is bizarre enough, then wait till you get to know that TikTok users are drinking Chlorophyll! Yes, that’s right! According to a few users who have been participating in this trend, drinking Chlorophyll has its fair share of perks! These people are claiming that it actually works, and you will be able to get rid of dark spit, acne and will be thinner as well! Some pointed out how bizarre this trend is, experts might have something different to say, and this might shock you!


The whole Chlorophyll drinking trend has caught attention in no time, and doctors and experts are saying that it is actually beneficial! Believe it or not, some have even claimed that it helps reduce bloating and helps with reverse signs of aging! With TikTok users almost doing all the reads that are coming up on the app, this trend also went on to be quite popular amongst fans. We wonder what will be the next trending thing on TikTok!

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