Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13 Release Date: Jon Taffer Helps To Save A Flailing Bar

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Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13
Bar Rescue Season 8

Excited for Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13? Because we will discuss when it is going to be released and what to expect. Bar Rescue is a reality show on Spike TV that gives desperate liquor sellers the opportunity to transform themselves into unvisitable businesses. This week’s episode, hosted by nightlife expert Jon Taffer, is set at a Yonkers sports club that doesn’t exactly live up to its name. So, you know what you shouldn’t say in a crowded Yonkers bar? “You’re being duped!” They’re defrauding you!” However, Taffer accomplishes just that in this week’s episode of Bar Rescue, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

This season, the show’s host, Jon Taffer, will remain in his hometown of Las Vegas, a break from the show’s normal crisscrossing of the country in search of bars and pubs in need of assistance. Bar Rescue is a Paramount Network reality show that aired for a few years. Jon Taffer, a longstanding food and beverage industry consultant who specializes in pubs, nightclubs, and bars, is the star of the film. He is willing to share his professional knowledge as well as renovation services. Not only that, but he delivers a fully functional piece of equipment to a low-income pub in order to keep it open.

Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 12 Recap

Before talking about Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous episode. Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill was featured in Episode 11, and it is owned by Brian O’Shea and Miguel Torres, two former boxer brothers. Torres, at the very least, has the good graces to try, sauntering around the bar and attempting to right wrongs with misguided rage. O’Shea begins drinking cheap liquor and sings Turn Down For What.

From sanitation to safety, the challenges are numerous. Cook Marcos leaves the refrigerator door ajar for an extended length of time, causing the kitchen to become overheated. Vermouth has been sitting on the shelf for months, beside rotting food. You can’t leave fortified wine open for months on end, as 2012 Nightclub & Bar Bartender of the Year Russell points out. O’Shea, talk about a 180!

Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13
Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 12

So Undisputed has started filling top-shelf bottles with good liquor. Taffer, needless to say, isn’t pleased. When he tells the customers what they aren’t drinking, a brawl ensues. I lost count of who was assaulting whom, but the Yonkers Police Sargent assured everyone that the Yonkers PD will make sure it didn’t happen again. I can only imagine how that guy felt when he woke up.

Taffer chooses to rebrand the dive SOYO and focus the cuisine and drink list on the epicenter of all things sophisticated: Manhattan, taking advantage of the fact that South Yonkers is undergoing an economic resurgence of sorts. On the plus side, I was relieved to find that the kitchen did not substitute bone marrow for burgers. Marcos learns how to blanch wings and cook quesadilla burgers from Chef Aaron McCargo.

Here’s something more I’ve been thinking about. There were perhaps five bartenders, a new security guard, and one cook left. Someone, please assist Marcos, who is always smiling! Now we will be discussing when Episode 13 of Bar Rescue Season 8 is going to release and what will happen in it.

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Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13 Release Date & Preview

Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13 is going to be released on 21 March on the SPIKE network. This episode is given the title as “Penalty On The Bar”. Episode 12 was aired on August 15, 2021, so it is returning after a long break of seven months. Episode 13 will be the second last episode of the season. With the last episode released on 27 March 2022, this season will come to an end.

Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13
Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13

Jon Taffer is headed to Dunwoody, Georgia in the upcoming episode (episode 13). Here, Jon Taffer will do everything in his power to help a former hospitality professional rekindle his love for the industry and restore his floundering bar. Will Jon be able to save his flailing bar from certain death? In the following episode, we’ll find out.

Bar Rescue Season 8 Episode 13 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 13 of Bar Rescue Season 8 will air at 10 pm ET on the SPIKE network. Bar Rescue Season 8 is also available on Paramount. There are a few options for doing so. If you already have a cable TV subscription in the United States, you may watch Bar Rescue season 8 on Paramount Network via the website or mobile applications.

All you have to do now is a check-in with your cable TV credentials. Bar Rescue is also accessible on Paramount Plus, a new streaming service that debuted in March 2021. It costs $5.99 (USD) per month with commercials or $9.99 per month without ads in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. For new consumers, both plans provide a one-week free trial.

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