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‘Baptiste’ Season 2: What is it About?


Most of the tv series and web series out there are following a trend of creating mostly crime-related shows or rather Christopher Nolan type storyline. One such show is Baptiste. Baptiste ran for 2 seasons on BBC One. It is a mix of psychological drama, mystery thriller. It is produced by Two Brothers Pictures and distributed worldwide by their parent company All3Media. The first season was released in February 2019, and the second season was released in July 2021. In this article, we would talk about Baptiste season 2 and also talk about the storyline so far. The show has one of the characters from the TV series The Missing, detective Julien Baptiste played by Tcheky Karyo.

All other staring characters are new other than Baptiste’s wife and daughter. In the first season, his former boss persuades him to help the Dutch Police look for a missing 15-year-old girl. She was an enslaved sex worker in Amsterdam. While looking for her, he meets Edward Stratton, who claims to be the uncle of the missing girl. Season 2 follows his story in Hungary, where he is helping Emma Chambers in finding her missing family, who vanished while they were on vacation. When they found he husband’s body, Emma is under pressure to find her two sons, Alex and Will. Their only lead, a man with a tattoo on his neck.

Baptiste Season 2: Story So Far

Baptiste was called to Hungary to help British Ambassador Emma Roberts in finding her missing family. They vanished while they were on a vacation. Soon into the investigation, they found her husband’s body. Now Emma is visibly broken down and worried about her two sons, Alex and Will. She couldn’t even the bare the thought of something that happened to her husband happen to her kids too. One of the witness saw a man with a neck tattoo drive by. Baptiste and Zsofia tracked down the tattooed man, Andras Juszt. When the police receive a hostage video showing Alex being executed by terrorists, and Emma takes a big risk to save Will by helping Andras escape.

Baptiste Season 2

Soon, Baptiste finds out that the hostage video is faked. He figures out that the kidnappers are far-right, anti-immigrant extremists led by Gomorrah. They found out that Alex was communicating online with a mysterious girl. Baptiste and Emma investigate where they had planned to meet. While the right-wing politician Kamilla Agoston was giving a speech, few masked terrorists started shooting in Budapest’s immigrant neighborhood. Emma was hit and in turn, paralyzed from the waist down. Baptiste kills Alex, who was surprisingly one of the gunmen.

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Baptiste Season 2: Ending

Fourteen months have gone by since the shooting. Baptiste is divorced, and Zsófia has been fired. Kamilla’s British husband, Michael, is identified as Gomorrah. But Baptiste suspects that Kamilla is Gomorrah after all and that she knows where Will is. They follow her and discover that she has left a duffel bag full of cash in an abandoned farmhouse, and Will arrives to pick it up. Emma is shocked after seeing this. Will completely changed after her sister’s murder by an immigrant. He was radicalized and so was preparing for another terrorist attack, just like the mass shooting in Budapest. He claims that he was held in Kamilla’s basement, but Baptiste is suspicious, as there is no lock on her basement door.

Baptiste Season 2

Baptiste realises that Andras Juszt is Gomorrah. Will escapes police custody and is later picked up by Andras. While Will prepares to martyr himself in another attack, Andras has another plan for him. He beats Will to death in order to blame his murder on immigrants. He survives but is in a state of coma. Baptiste then confronts Andras at his hideout, and the two get into a fight. Andras stabs him but suffers only a minor injury. He then beats Andras unconscious with a rock who is later arrested and put in prison.

Will There Be Baptiste Season 3?

Baptiste is a hit British drama thriller that enticed the audience with its unique and tangling storyline. However, as all good things should end, Baptiste season 2 was the last installment for the popular series. That means there will be no season 3 for the show. But, it was a great show with a proper ending, not too long and just right. But if you are really craving more of Baptiste, then check out ‘The Missing’ which was a prequel to the series with Julien Baptiste as one of the characters from the story.

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