Ballers Season 4 Episode 3: This Is Not Our World – Online Stream Details

Ballers season 4 episode 3: This Is Not Our World

In this post, we are going to talk about Ballers season 4 episode 3: This Is Not Our World release date, preview, and where to watch. The show debuted on 21 June 2015 with the first ever season. The show received a good response, which led to the second season and the third one too. The latest fourth season premiered on 12 August 2018.

Dwayne Rock Johnson, being a big public figure, is playing a central role of Spencer Strasmore in the show. Spencer is a retired NFL player, who is now working as a financial manager and advisor for other players, in which he faces many issues he has to tackle.

Ballers Season 4 Episode 3 Release Date & Preview

The third episode of Ballers season 4 is scheduled to release on 26 August 2018. The last episode featured Spencer, trapped in a marketing feud. He clearly states to Lance that he feels like Parker is being sold on the basis of his race. And it is seen clearly that the image was made darker, manipulating Parker’s original look. Spencer even warned the company that changes the picture to original or Parker would not appear. At the Surf Classic, Spencer gave freedom to his crew, so Parker showed up. With his spectacular performance, he won the first price which made the company officials angry.

In the next episode, Spencer would be seen trying to rule in Lance’s extravagant nature. Also, Vernon would be seen getting emotional, when he visits his old Los Angeles High School, due to Reggie’s affright.

Ballers season 4 episode 3: This Is Not Our World

Ballers Season 4 Episode 3: where to watch?

Ballers air on HBO every Sunday. So, the third episode of the season is going to broadcast on 26 August 2018 on HBO at 10 PM ET on upcoming Sunday. Stay alert and be aware of the time and day, viewers!

In case if you could not watch the show on TV, you can stream it on HBO online, by just entering your cable network details. Also, HBO offers on-demand episodes of your favorite HBO shows, so if you could not catch up to the mentioned time, it is the way to stay together with the season

Other options to watch the show are Amazon, HBO Now, HBO Go, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, DirecTV Now. Mentioned all the major possible ways to watch Ballers season 4 episode 3, now just watch your favorite show at your convenience!

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