Baki Hanma Ending Explained: Can Baki Defeat Yujiro?

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Baki Hanma
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What happens at the ending of Season 3 between Baki and Yujiro, as we try to get the ending explained of Baki Hanma. Season four of the Baki Franchise has released on 30 September.It’s a long way to go till the season ends. Until then, we shall discuss what happened at the ending of Season three. When it comes to wrestling and action, Baki Son Of Ogre is one of the most loved animes. The first and second seasons were more of dialogues and lesser action sequences. The CGI was also not that great. But the season seemed to have heard our prayers as the balance has come back, and the action scenes could not have been any better! Baki, the protagonist of the franchise, is the prodigal son of Yujiro. The Korean anime keeps the focus on Baki throughout the show as Baki uncovers his unreal godlike powers. But can that beat his father?

Baki is a casual, arrogant, and hard-working teenager whose only goal in life is to defeat his father, Yujiro. The reason is that he wants to become the best, and that can be possible only once he destroys Yujiro. Yukihiro is the most powerful character in the Baki franchise. Rumors say that when he was sixteen, Yujiro, alongside his father, defeated the whole US military during the Vietnam War. He has mastered all forms of combat and is a genius fighter. His fighting style includes all types of popular, as well as historical ones. His enormous strength and speed are unmatched by any character. Baki realized that to defeat his father, has to fight other fighters stronger than him. Today we will talk about what happens at the ending of Baki Hanma Season 3.

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Baki Hanma Ending Explained
Baki vs Jack

All You Need To Know About the Grappler

Hanma trains like The One-Punch Man, day and night. His goals are unique and dangerous to create problems for himself and his loved ones. Baki, like Yujiro, keeps on training and looking for worthy battles to make him stronger. Buckeye(Baki) is a deadly martial artist who uses tons of techniques at once to defeat his opponents. However, at one point, Baki learned that his way of fighting was very different from Yujiro’s style. Baki believes in building relationships with a stronger opponent, which will make him stronger. His father is absolutely the opposite when it comes to their attitude. Yujiro believes in destroying your opponents and crushing them to death. Baki always shows mercy to those who are no match to him. It often makes his father angry. Baki’s mother got killed by his dad, and he won’t stop before he defeats Yujiro.

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During the three seasons, the grappler faces many worthful opponents, who give a near scare to Baki. Some bouts like Jack Hanma, Pickles, and Biscuit Olivia forced Baki to break his limits. When Baki was 17, he already became the Tokyo Underground Champion. Like against Jack, his brother, He had to use the demon face technique to win. It is a dangerous technique that makes the person forget humanity. It was the reason why he had distanced himself from the woman he likes a lot Kozu. Baki is always careful of his friends and his loved ones. The mix of his unbelievable stamina, strength, and fighting prowess tells us how dangerous Baki is! He can fight for Twelve Hours straight. He can decapitate fighters who are double his size by a single punch or few finishing techniques. Baki Hanma has 38 different finishing techniques.

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Baki vs Yujiro Season 3; Baki Hanma Ending explained

Baki Hanma Ending Explained: What Happens in Baki vs Yujiro?

After finishing off Boxer Muhammad Alai jr, Baki finally gets the license to fight his father, Yujiro. Baki has been waiting for this moment for three seasons. He finally gets his chance in the finale of Season three. The Great Raitai Tournament’s grand finale could have never been better! The final match is between the legendary Yujiro Hanma and his prodigal son, Baki Hanma. Baki has become a monster in all sense. Only one character can stop that monster, and that is his devilish father. But unfortunately, the manga series is left on a cliffhanger! The fight between the two Hanmas doesn’t get over in the final episode. The fourth season has the conclusion of the battle. Still, Baki has a long way to go before he can match Yujiro’s strength and speed. But Baki Hanma has enough potential to become the strongest creature alive!

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