Baki Episode 24 – Yanagi’s Defeat

A lot of things happened in the previous episode of Baki 2018. Sikorsky got beaten by Gaia while Motobe and Yanagi tried to kill each other. In the end, Motobe’s cunning distraction and techniques got the upper hand. He was able to give massive damages to Yanagi and is about to finish him when Yujiro suddenly appeared during the fight. What will Yujiro do in Baki 2018 episode 24?

Baki 2018 Episode 24

The first thing Yujiro did is telling Yanagi that he lost the match and he must admit it already. Still not accepting his defeat, Yanagi will politely tell him that he is the most powerful person on Earth. However, Yanagi points out that heYujiro is not the one to decide who is the winner or loser of the fight. Yujiro, with his murderous aura, tell Motobe that Yanagi’s answer is a hell of a good answer. Nonetheless, he will point out that Yanagi is basically useless in his state right now while he steps at Yanagi’s chopped hand.

He will also point out that the fight will not be over if Motobe will not claim his victory. The party is ending when Shibukawa arrived, and even Yujiro yawned and is ready to walk away. But before that, he kicked Yanagi in the head, killing him instantly, to everyone’s surprise. Before going away, he declared himself as the winner.

Meanwhile, inside a cave somewhere at the sea, Doyle is wondering how his sight is still not coming back. Oliva will barge in and plans to fight Doyle. However, with Doyle’s state, he will not even be a challenge anymore. Still, Doyle tried to fight him, but even a straight punch in the face does not unfazed Oliva.  Before finally killing Doyle, Oliva had a quick look at Doyle’s eye before squeezing him to death.

And there you have it, the spoilers for Baki 2018 episode 24. Two ex-convicts were out this in this episode. While it seems like there is nothing to fear anymore, Baki will have his toughest opponent yet. Stay tuned for more updates.

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