Baki 2018 Episode 23 – Gaia VS Sikorsky

In the previous episode of Baki 2018, Sikorsky and Jack Hanma duked it all out inside a telephone booth. However, even though he got the advantage, Sikorsky was thrown away, together with the phone booth, by Jack’s powerful attack. They fought for a while in the underground arena, but Jack left and the person who replaced him is someone who almost killed Baki before. In Baki 2018 episode 23, Sikorsky will finally receive the defeat that he always wanted.

Baki 2018 Episode 23 – The Battle For Survival

Instead of using the weapons he had with him, Gaia will instead use his environment to fight against Sikorsky in Baki 2018 episode 23. The battlefield will be Gaia’s weapon, and to demonstrate that, he uses the sand full of teeth and nails from the previous battles. The sand will affect Sikorsky’s vision while the teeth and nails mixed with the sand will pierce Sikorsky’s skin. The fragments will even reach the audiences.

baki 2018 episode 23

The wounds that Sikorsky obtained made his whole body bleed. But wait, that’s just Gaia’s warm-up and the battle isn’t over yet. He will then do what seems to be impossible in the arena: camouflage. Gaia will use the sand to render himself invisible. This will make Sikorsky panic. Gaia will attack Sikorsky while he’s invisible. To Sikorsky’s frustration, he cannot sense Gaia at all and will try to taunt him by saying to fight like a man. However, what he will receive is a blow on his jewels.

baki 2018 episode 23

Gaia will appear for a while to tell his opponent that what’s happening is not just a fight mano a mano. What’s happening is a battle for survival, and he will give his Russian opponent the gift called fear. Meanwhile, at another place, Yanagi was offered for a final fight from a cautious man. Who will it be and what is he up to? We will know more in Baki 2018 episode 23.

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