Baki 2018 Episode 22 – The Battle Of Raging Bulls

In the previous episode of Baki 2018, Baki fought and (somehow) defeated Yanagi and Sikorsky. The two were humiliated in front of Kozue and Hanayama. However, when they started to rouse up, Baki escaped and let Hanayama handle things. In the last part of the episode, Jack Hanma and Sikorsky fought in a bathroom. In Baki 2018 episode 22, the real battle will start inside the telephone booth.

Baki 2018 Episode 22 – The Monster, Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma and Sikorsky found themselves staring at each other inside the telephone booth. Poor Sho’s flirting was interrupted, having been caught up in a fight between two raging bulls. Sikorsky’s reason in entering the telephone booth is to eliminate Jack’s size advantage. After all, your size doesn’t matter in a fight when you’re cramped in a small space.

Baki 2018 episode 22

Sikorsky will be successful in landing a few hits in Jack inside the booth. However, this victory will be short-lived as Jack will throw Sikorsky upside down with the telephone booth. Sikorsky’s head will hit the ground and will knock him unconscious. After that, Jack will get out of the booth while a dozen men securing it to prevent Sikorsky from escaping. He will then be loaded on a truck to get him in the final destination.

Sikorsky will wake up in the middle of a crowd while he is inside the booth. He will then be escorted in an arena by Jack himself. Tokugawa will be there, explaining things to the Russian and telling him that this is the best arena for him. Of course, Sikorsky will be up for the battle, and in a short moment of bravado, he gets his shirt off, threw it in front of Jack’s huge body before shouting “Bring it on!”

And that’s it for Baki 2018 episode 22 spoilers. More fight is expected to come in the next episode and there would be a new character that will finally gift Sikorsky’s most awaited defeat. Stay tuned for more updates.

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