Baki 2018 Episode 22 – Sikorsky’s Defeat

The downfall of Sikorsky’s undefeated career is finally coming. In Baki 2018 episode 22 spoilers, Jack Hanma and Sikorsky will resume their fight inside the telephone booth. Jack is powerful enough to give Sikorsky a very bad time. However, Jack will not be the one who will give the Russian fighter the defeat that he sought.

Baki 2018 Episode 22 Spoilers – A Battle For Survival

Sikorsky seems to have a bad luck when pitted with the Hanma brothers. Earlier in the last episode, Baki humiliated him by defeating his and Yanagi’s tag team. Later in the last episode, Sikorsky found himself face to face with Jack and receiving a powerful punch in the gut. However, Sikorsky will fall to neither Baki nor Jack, but to someone who almost killed Baki before.

Baki 2018 episode 22

To remove Jack’s size advantage, Sikorsky will use the cramped telephone booth and will send powerful punches in close range. That is a good strategy until Jack decided to give him the unlikeliest suplex, turning the booth itself upside-down. This will knock Sikorsky unconscious, a dozen men will appear, and the booth will be safeguarded with ropes. The booth, with Sikorsky and poor Sho inside, will be transported to the underground arena in Tokugawa’s supervision.

Of course, they had to explain to Sikorsky what’s going to happen. With fired Sikorsky up and is ready to fight Jack while everyone in the arena is watching them. Sikorsky will try to use unconventional weapons, that Jack will deflect all of it. However, Jack gets tired of it and will pass the fight to Gaia, the best soldier in the world. Gaia will not have a warm welcome from the crowd because Jack gave a good performance after all. But all will be silent when Gaia finally shows his real powers. And that’s it for Baki 2018 episode 22 spoilers. Stay tuned for more Baki 2018 spoilers.

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