Baki 2018 Episode 20 Spoilers – The Poison Punch

In the previous episode of Baki 2018, Doyle finally admitted his defeat. With Doyle finally understanding the way of karate, it seems like he will plan to start from scratch. Meanwhile, Tokugawa visited Yanagi’s master to know more about him. In Baki 2018 episode 20, we will see more of Yanagi and his martial art in action against the new and improved Baki.

Baki 2018 Episode 20 – Yanagi’s Back

Replaying back a bit of the last episode, Tokugawa made a visit to “The Way Of The Void” Master Kunimatsu. A demonstration with a bowling ball proceeded, with Kunimatsu explaining that light and soft materials will be harder to lift. But one man can lift a Washi Paper using his one hand, and that is no other than Yanagi. In Baki 2018 episode 20, Kunimatsu will explain to Tokugawa how Yanagi’s poison is really made.

According to Kunimatsu, Yanagi chooses the most lethal and most poisonous plants and insects (he have a lot of jars in his house). Those ingredients will then be shredded in mixed well with sand. After preparing the poisoned sand, Yanagi will dip his whole right hand into it. It will be revealed that Yanagi has an antidote for personal use to prevent him from poisoning himself even if the poison penetrates his skin. After perfecting the poison dip, Yanagi touched a flower, and the flower instantly dies.

baki 2018 episode 20

After the revelation, Yanagi will confront Baki in Baki 2018 episode 20. Of course, he will formally ask for a rematch, but Baki is rather busy because of Kozue, so Baki politely declined. But when Yanagi threatened to harm Kozue, Baki’s hair went on the roof with his murderous intent and finally accepting the rematch that Yanagi offers. With Yanagi’s Poison Punch, will Baki be able to survive this fight alive? We will see more in Baki 2018 episode 20. Stay tuned for more updates.

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