Baki 2018 Episode 19 Preview and Leaks

In the last episode of Baki 2018, Retsu and Doyle took the coincidence of their meeting as a sign for a battle. Even though Doyle tried to be the first one to attack, Retsu nailed him in the eye first. The episode ended with an explosion with Doyle setting fire to the Shin Shin Kai karate dojo. In Baki 2018 episode 19, Doyle will finally accept defeat.

Baki 2018 Episode 19 – Revenge Of The Shin Shin Kai

Being grateful for the people who saved his life, Doyle actually made an effort to get his shoes off before entering the dojo. However, even though he was indebted by them, he still decided to end the last episode with an explosion. In Baki 2019 episode 19, the Shin Shin Kai Dojo will get their revenge on him, but before them, Doyle will be facing Doppo first.

Doppo will try to roast Doyle by asking him if he knows two people: Biscuit Oliva and Retsu Kaiou. These two people defeated Doyle already. And to further rub salt in the injury, Doppo will comment on how Doyle is in a pretty bad shape. But Doppo is not finished with roasting yet, as he lied and said that both Oliva and Retsu died with very impossible means, with Retsu dying in an Earthquake and Oliva via falling meteor. Of course, it is Doppo’s way of telling Doyle that the latter cannot kill both without Karate.

Because of this, Doyle will be triggered and will agree in fighting Doppo somewhere else. He decided to fight without using weapons, which became his demise when Doppo easily defeated him. Doyle will then wake up inside the dojo that he set ablaze just a few hours ago. And in that room, Katsumi was seen waiting for him to wake up.

baki 2018 episode 19

Katsumi is burned all over, with just a few strands of hair remaining of his once perfectly combed hair. He claims that he and Doyle are the only people inside the dojo right now. Katsumi will try to make Doyle admit his defeat, but the latter will not do so. Because of this, Katsumi will deliver a hard kick in Doyle’s face.

Will Doyle admit his defeat? Or will Katsumi take his sweet time avenging the Shin Shin Kai Dojo? That’s it for Baki 2018 episode 19. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.

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