Baki 2018 Episode 18 – What A Coincidence

Baki 2018 episode 18 is just around the corner with a promise of a worthwhile fight. Retsu and Doyle were seen starting a fight inside a bar in the last episode. Doyle lost his one eye, but will this handicap enough to defeat him? Do Retsu still has something under his sleeves?

Baki 2018 Episode 18 – Eye For An Eye

Retsu already delivered the first hit with a Kunai that he hides on his clothes. He is determined to bring Doyle down and let him taste his own medicine. To do that, Retsu will also consume a mouthful of liquor and will blow it to Doyle.. which will set the latter on fire. While Doyle is helplessly trying to put out the fire, Retsu will be nice enough to help him by spraying the whole Fire Extinguisher to him. Right after he put the fire off, Retsu will resume his knife-throwing exhibition with Doyle as the target.

baki 2018 episode 18

But Doyle will not simply go down with just that. He will try to escape by breaking the door of the bar and running away. Retsu, however, is fast, and he used a thread to trip Doyle who is running for his life. Now that Doyle’s movement is restricted due to the thread, Retsu will bring out a sword and will cut Doyle’s back. This sword is special because when cutting flesh, the sword gets hot.

Doyle will once again try to escape by using an explosive and opening a manhole and trick Retsu for a surprise attack. However, Retsu will see through this and will launch a counterattack. He will then use the thread to remove all the kunai from Doyle’s body (that’s painful). Using a nunchaku as a pole, he will declare that Doyle finally tasted the defeat that he wanted.

But before Retsu can deal the finishing blow, someone will inject him a drug which will make him fall asleep in an instant. This someone is no other than Jack Hanma, who Retsu had met in the last episode. Why did Jack did that and will he finish Doyle? Jack’s true intention will be revealed in Baki 2018 episode 18.

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