Baek Sung Hyun Announces Second Pregnancy For His Wife On ‘Return of the Superman’

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Baek Sung Hyun
Baek Sung Hyun

The Stairway to heaven actor Baek Sung Hyun and his wife are going to welcome their second baby to the family soon. the family is getting ready and extremely excited for the new member. The South Korean actor announced their second pregnancy in the most adorable way one can imagine. Not only that, Baek Sung Hyun announced it for the very first time on the Variety Show, ‘Return of the Superman’.

Baek Sung Hyun made his cinematic debut as a youngster in the 1994 film “I Wish For What Is Forbidden To Me,” and he later went on to star in dramas such as “Damo,” “Stairway to Heaven,” “Emperor of the Sea,” and “Age of Heroes.” Following his days as a kid actor, he went on to work as an adult in films such as “Melody of Love,” “Iris 2,” and “Doctors.” Baek Sung Hyun has become recently popular for his role in the south Korean drama ‘Voice4’. Even though the actor had a supporting role, his talent shined through his performance, resulting in the recent popularity of the actor.

Baek Sung Hyun and his non-celebrity wife welcomed their first daughter around late October 2021. The couple tied the knot in April 2021, and just after a few months, they welcomed their baby girl, Seo Yoon in the family. The actor had apologized on social media for announcing the news late and had admired his daughter on social media.

Baek Sung Hyun
Baek Sung Hyun

Baek Sung Hyun’s Announcement On’ Return of the Superman’

The show started on 26th January that Baek Sung Hyun and his daughter were confirmed to appear on the show. The daily lives of a new parent Baek Sung Hyun and his 14-month-old daughter, were aired for the very first time in February. Baek Sung Hyun, his wife, and their 14-month-old daughter Seo Yoon had enjoyed their time together on an episode of the South Korean show “The Return of Superman” on February 6. The father and daughter duo were seen playing with the balloons when Seo Yoon was seen pulling the string attached to the balloon. Before his wife had returned home, the actor had prepared a surprise gift for her and attached a message that he had penned to the balloon that Seo Yoon had captured earlier.

When Baek Sung Hyun’s wife returned home after an overnight excursion, she was greeted with a house decorated with hearts made of flowers and candle decorations. As she read the letter, she began to scream and cry. Baek Sung Hyun had created an incredibly beautiful environment for his wife, and the moment had become quite emotional. It was that moment when Baek Sung Hyun announced that they were going to have a second child. He further added that pregnancy brings a lot of stress mentally as well as physically, and he planned to actively help his wife in taking care of Seo Yoon and become even more better at parenting. The actor, however, displayed excellent parenting skills on the show and the chemistry that he had with his daughter was absolutely beautiful to watch.

Baek Sung Hyun
Baek Sung Hyun

Return Of the Superman: All About the Show

The Return of Superman is a South Korean reality program that is broadcasted on KBS2. In the program, Celebrity fathers are left alone with their children for 48 hours, with no assistance or help from anybody else, while their wives go out to spend some time to themselves. The wives are shown leaving the house before the 48-hour period begins and returning to greet their families once the 48-hour period has concluded. During the 48-hour period, the fathers and children are either working on a job that the wives have assigned to the fathers or exploring new activities with their children.

Occasionally, the parents’ famous friends may drop by to socialize with the kids. The show depicts the time the fathers have with their children, doing the things that their wives do on a daily basis. The show engages the audience by showing celebrity dads spending time with their children. The children’s sweetness and innocence creates many moments which are shown on the show, they end up becoming quite magical and capture the audience’s attention easily.

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