Bad Buddy Season 2: Is The Thai Series Heading Towards A Renewal?

Bad Buddy Season 2

The Bad Buddy series ended with all of us grinning from ear to ear. With Episode 11 having such a heartbreaking ending, fans were in doubt whether it would be a happy ending or not. However, the finale episode gave us one of the biggest twists discarding all the break-up theories. It is safe to say that it was one of the most satisfying yet realistic endings. Now that the series has ended, fans are anxiously waiting for Bad Buddy Season 2.

Nanon Korapat Kirdpan and Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee as Pran and Pat took us through a journey of friendship and love, something we will cherish for the longest time. As actors, they are beyond commendable. Their actions, or rather their eyes, spoke volumes, sometimes even more than their words could ever convey. The drama shattered the existing BL series norms and stereotypes and what we got was a healthy relationship between Pran and Pat.

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Bad Buddy Synopsis

Before diving into any information regarding season 2, let’s look back at the series, which made us laugh, love, cry, and gave immense happiness at the same time.

Are We Really Enemies?

The series starts with Pran and Pat engaging in a fight inside their college campus. Though this is not the first time, they are going head to head. Their history of goes back to even before they were born. Both of their families are sworn enemies. Their main rivalry started from the business of the families. Pran’s father opened his shop in front of Pat’s father’s shop and even bought all his employees by offering extra money. Their competition is to such an extent that the mothers were praying for a more handsome and smart kid than the other. Ironically, they are neighbors as well, and so the fight continues while they are at home as well.

Bad Buddy
A Still From The Series

Incidentally, Pran got transferred to the same college as Pat. Though previously they used to study in the same school, three years earlier, Pran’s mother got him transferred, and now he’s back at the Architecture Department. Pat, on the other hand, is in the Engineering Department and both the departments have a long term reputation of being rivals.

Though they do always compete with each other, they don’t each hate the other one. Unlike their parents, who are always busy finding faults, they like to keep it to themselves. However, that’s not the case with their friend group. If Pran and Pat say, let’s call a truce, then their friends would say, Not Happening.

A Change In The Air

Though Pran and Pat are not always on the same page as Pran is a perfectionist, while Pat is the complete another way round, he was always obliged to Pran for one thing. Years ago, Pran saved his sister Pa from drowning, and Pat gave his watch as a present to him. Pa kind of acts as an anchor in the relationship between Pran and Pat as she forbade Pat to further fight with Pran. Keeping both the departments and their friends in mind, Pran and Pat decide that they won’t come across each other. The boys plan to shift at the dome; however, they didn’t know that there also they were neighbors.

A Still From The Series

Pat knows how much Pran’s guitar means to him, and that’s why he kept it safely through Pran decided not to play it as his mother was against it. Slowly a development occurs in their relationship as the boys start to feel for each other differently. The fact is they never hated each other, and the feeling of love was always there, but they were unaware of it.

‘If It Was You, Would You Have Liked Me’?

Though the reserved feelings were always there, someone needed to stir it up a bit. Well, Ink’s entry did it. Previously a classmate of Pran and Pat, Ink caught everyone’s attention. Ink and Pat connected instantly, and they used to hang out together. Pa gave Pat an idea that to understand whether she liked him or not, he should try out four gestures. When Pat tried it out, he felt nothing. However, when the same situation happened with Pran, Pat realized that he felt something for Pran, something more than just friends.

Bad Buddy
A Still From The Series

Meanwhile, Pat felt a tint of jealousy whenever he used to see Pran hanging out with Wai. At the fresher’s welcome concert, Pran sang the song which he once made with Pat. That brought Pat’s memories back, of them being together and writing songs. That night when he visited Pran at the rooftop, both of them finally realized their feelings for each other.

We Have A Tough Road Ahead

Pran was still contemplating the fact of what happened on the rooftop. He knew he felt for Pat. However, it wasn’t easy, given the fact the long history of the rivalry of both the families. The Architecture Department held a campaign at the zero-waste village, and Pat was the only one from the Engineering Department. There Pat tried everything to make Pran come out of his shell, to make him feel comfortable. In the end, Pran, though still in a bit of dilemma about the future, decides to give it a shot.

Bad Buddy Season 2
A Still From The Series

On the other hand, Ink develops a likeness towards Pa. However, she took her own time to confess. Meanwhile, Pran and Pat’s families finally got the knowledge about the relationship of the boys.

The boys try to find out the exact reason for this turmoil. They got to know that Pran’s mother and Pat’s father used to know each other from their university days. Pran’s mother revealed that it was Pat’s father who took her scholarship and went to her dream university. Because of him, she had to let go of her dreams.

To escape the situation and find themselves, the boys left for the zero waste village to spend time with each other.

If Our Love Was A Song

After spending some days away from their respective families, those boys came a bit closer to a reality check. They knew that one day or the other, they had to return, and so after returning, before entering the house, they looked at each other. Maybe a thought kept lingering on their head, are we ready to say goodbyes?. The series saw a time jump where years have passed. Pat was handling his family business, and Pran went abroad. However, fate brought them together at their renewal party. This is where the director decided to wipe our tears as it was revealed that the whole break-up scenario was nothing but something that’s made up. In reality, they never broke up. Only a handful of people knew about this truth.

Bad Buddy Season 2
A Still From The Series

The series had one of the most realistic endings. The families found a middle ground where they, though not friends, however, were starting to loosen up a bit. One of the best series in the world of BL drama came to an end, and all we can hear at the back of our head is Pran and Pat performing ‘Just Friends’.

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Bad Buddy Season 2 Cast

The cast of the first season of Bad Buddy is as follows-

Nanon Korapat Kirdpan as Pran started acting from a very young age and is the owner of several accolades. Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee as Pat, he started in the industry with the series Make It Right. Love Pattranite Limpatiyakorn as Pa, Milk Pansa Vosbein as Ink, Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok as Wai, and Drake Sattabut Laedeke as Korn. 

If the series gets a second season, then there are the highest chances that the actors will continue with their roles. However, nothing’s confirmed yet. 

Bad Buddy Streaming Details

The drama is available on its Youtube Channel GMMTV OFFICIAL with several subtitles. Besides this, you can find this drama on WeTv as well. The director of the series Backaof Noppharnach Chaiwimol did an amazing job in portraying every scene. Every scene was thoughtfully pulled off, and not for a second does it feel as if it’s stretched.

Will There Be Bad Buddy Season 2?

Till now, no confirmation has been made regarding the renewal of the drama. However, fans think that if Bad Buddy Season 2 does take place, then showing the character development of both the families will be a nice plot.

Alongside, in the last episode, it was revealed that Wai and Korn both have a girlfriend. However, if something happens between them in the future, that will also be an interesting watch. After all, Korn and Wai were one of the most anticipated ships besides Ink and Pa.

Bad Buddy Season 2
A Still From The Series

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