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Bad and Crazy Kdrama: Release Date, Synopsis & Plots

Bad and Crazy Kdrama Release date, trailer
Bad and Crazy Kdrama Release Date

Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon are complete opposites in the new teaser poster of the upcoming Kdrama Bad And Crazy. The superhero drama is already stirring excitement among fans with its teaser. Moreover, Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon’s partnership will be no less than epic. The tvN drama has released stills of Lee Dong Wook’s character. Also, the network has shared an exciting teaser featuring both male leads. Luckily, the Bad and Crazy Kdrama release date is also announced. So, here are all the details on the new action-thriller from tvN.

Bad and Crazy is an upcoming South Korean action-packed mystery drama. It will tell the story of Seol Woo, who has lived his entire life as a worldly police officer. However, his beliefs change, and he starts working against police corruption after a hidden persona named “K” inside him awakens. Undoubtedly, the plot and storyline sound interesting, and it will be a  shame to miss them.

The drama stars Lee Dong Wook as Seol Woo, Wi Ha Joon as K, Han Ji Eun as Hee Gyeom, N (VIXX) as Oh Kyung Tae, Sung Ji Ru as Bong Pil, and Kim Dae Gon as Dong Yeol. Kim Sae Bom of “The Uncanny Counter” will pen down the script. Meanwhile, Yoo Seon Dong of “The Vampire Prosecutor 2” will direct it.

Bad and Crazy Kdrama Release Date

Bad and Crazy is releasing on December 17, 2021, at 10:40 PM KST. The drama will take over the broadcasting schedule currently owned by Park Hyung Shik and Han Hyo Joo’s “Happiness.” With 12 episodes under its name, Bad and Crazy will release new episodes every Friday and Saturday on the tvN network. Also, each episode will have a run time of 60 minutes each.

Besides releasing the episodes on the tvN network in South Korea, the drama will simultaneously drop them on iQiyi as well. Hence, the Kdrama fans living internationally will be able to stream Bad and Crazy online on iQiyi. There are no other ways to stream the drama online as of now. However, we will keep you updated once it premieres. Until then, enjoy the new still and teaser pictures of the main cast.

Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon in Bad and Crazy Kdrama Teaser Poster

There is no trailer for Bad and Crazy Kdrama yet, but the teaser poster featuring the male leads- Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon- has already raised the bar. In the newly released poster for the drama, Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon are the two sides of the same coin; or card, to be exact.

Bad and Crazy Kdrama Release date, trailer

Bad and Crazy Kdrama poster

In the poster, the bad guy, Seol Woo, and the crazy guy, K, are pictured opposite, while the card is stapled roughly to make them stay together. The black and white intriguing poster speaks figuratively to display the lives and characters of the two. Viewers are eager to see the balance between Seol Woo and K as they will be playing a person who couldn’t be more different.

The tagline on the poster reads: “Bad guy vs. crazy guy! Character redemption team play.”

Bad and Crazy Synopsis

Bad and Crazy will follow the life of a Police detective, who lives a materialistic life and is more result-oriented. Meanwhile, Wi Ha Joon’s K is all about justice and crazily doing the right thing. Seol Woo is described as a greedy person who will turn a blind eye if corruption and greediness benefit him somehow. But, his life will change once K, who is all about doing the right thing, enters his life.

Bad and Crazy Kdrama Release date, trailer

Lee Dong Wook in Bad and Crazy

After watching Lee Dong Wook in The Tale of Nine-Tailed, and other dramas, it’s time for him to serve the villainous roles. On the other hand, Wi Ha Joon has turned into a global star with his role in the hit Netflix series, “Squid Game.”

The compatibility between the two will no doubt be exceptional. However, the drama is still a month away. Until then, watch Lee Dong Wook in “Goblin” here and Wi Ha Joon in “18 Again” here. 

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