Back to the Future Ending Explained: Did Marty Come Back To The Present?

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Back to the Future Filming Location
Back to the Future

Back to the Future was released back in 1985, but fans of the movie can still be found talking about it sometimes. The main genre of the story, as you already might have guessed correctly, is science as well as fiction. Robert Zemeckis has directed the film while the script was worked upon by Zemeckis as well as Bob Gale. The cast lists actors such as Michael J. Fox as well as Christopher Lloyd. The timeline of the movie is set in the year 1985 and follows the character named Marty McFly. He happens to be a teenager who has accidentally been sent back to 1955. This happens when he sits in a DeLorean automobile which is built by his friend Doctor Emmett Brown who is a scientist.

Given the fact that he is trapped inside the past, Marty should now find ways to return to his reality. Let us discuss the plot in brief. The story started with Marty McFly, who is a typical teenager living in Hill Valley in California. He is afraid to become just like his parents even though he is much talented and has proper ambitions. Marty’s mother is a depressed alcoholic, and his older siblings have all failed socially and even professionally. His father is constantly getting bullied by his supervisors. Marty just has his girlfriend named Jennifer Parker, whom he constantly confides in about his feelings. That was the same night when he meets his friend Emmet. He unveils a mysterious-looking time machine that is powered by plutonium.

Back to the Future Filming Location
A still from Back to the Future

Chaos explodes when Emmett tries to experiment with the machine, and it goes off. Marty thus travels back in 1955 but realizes that he got no plutonium that will help him return to his time. He comes across his teenage father and realizes that Biff has been bullying him since childhood. Situations get even tenser when Lorraine, Marty’s mother, was to finds George and falls in love with him, she finds Marty and falls in love with him. Everything gets super awkward because she is obviously, his mother. Marty tracks down a younger Doc and tries to convince him that he has come from the future. Then when Lorraine asks Marty to the school dance, he tries to have inappropriate advances on her so that George can come to rescue her, and she falls in love with him instead.

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Back to the Future – Ending Explained

But we see that it all goes horribly wrong when Biff and his gang lock him and try to be with Lorraine instead. George arrives to save Lorraine but is again assaulted by Biff. Somehow, things work out, and George and Lorraine have their first kiss during the dance. With his existence no longer in jeopardy, Marty comes back to meet the younger Doc. Then here comes a tranquil ride of a lot of time traveling when we see that Doc and Marty have some adventure with the time machine. Marty sure does come back to his reality, but everything is altered now.

Marty wakes up the next day only to find out that his father is a successful and confident author. His obvious main genre is science and fiction, and he takes immense joy in hanging out with his family and friends. Doc Emmett is safe and sound in his home as well, but he comes back from the future with Jennifer. He insists that Marty comes along with him to the future in order to save their children from terrible fates. Now, if you are wondering about where this story was filmed, then we have packed all the information for you guys.

Back to the Future – Where was the movie filmed?

In the movie, we have seen the story is set in a fictional town called Hill Valley in California. Although, this installment, as well as its future two sequels, are entirely shot in Los Angeles County. There are some shots taken at Griffith Park as well as the Gamble House too. These can be looked upon as some of the notable LA landmarks in their own rights. 

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