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Anime Review – Back Arrow: Episode 14

Back Arrow Episode 14 Summary
Back Arrow Episode 14 Summary

Back Arrow is an original anime that started airing on January 9. The anime has been created by Studio VOLN under the directory of Goro Taniguchi. This new mecha anime has had a conflicting set of responses from fans. While some are absolutely in love with it, some viewers have found it unappealing. As for those who are new, the only way to find out if it would match your tastes is to check it out for yourself. You can stream the anime on Funimation.

Back Arrow is set in Lingalind, a continent surrounded by a wall. Politics, big-armed weaponry, and the power of human emotions like love and friendship are some important pillars of this anime. The protagonist suffers from amnesia and claims to be from beyond the wall. Back Arrow has a clichè outline of its plot, but it is enjoyable to watch. Of course, it has some shortcomings, but it is far from being called a disappointment. It could be a conflicting statement, but I find Back Arrow an ingenious anime. It has its moments of comedy, action, and heavy drama.

So far in episode 13, the stage was set for one spooky war between the Princess and the Emperor. The second cour is coming in strong, giving us more to look forward to in every episode. The Princess has finally broken free, and her yandere side is out. The Emperor, too, has set foot into war. Episode 14 of Black Arrow was released on April 10, 2021.

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Spoiler Alert: The following contains spoilers from Episode 14 of Back Arrow. Do not read ahead if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want it spoilt for you!

Back Arrow: Episode 14 Recap

In the war that breaks down between the Dark Fine and Zetsu, Fine initially succeeds in her attacks. Zetsu counterattacks by draining Briheight particles using his conviction. Finding no other way, she starts attacking her own warriors in an attempt to absorb their energy. Arrow tries to dominate Fine bring back her other personality.

Back Arrow Episode 14 Review

Dark Fine: Back Arrow- Episode 14.

Meanwhile, Shu is battling the Rekka warriors. He defeats them by using the Granedger’s Super-Dreadnaught Cannon, Granarrow. He uses it by combining Arrow’s Saberblow and Granedger’s particle canon. The remaining warriors do not admit defeat and move towards him carrying simple weapons.

Fine heals the warriors of both sides using Compassion. She also nullifies Zetsu’s Briheight. Zetsu finally admits defeat, and peace has ensued. However, it is seen later that Zetsu’s admit to defeat is temporary, and he has had no change of mind.

Fine and Prax return to Lutoh. Seeing Rudolf’s broadcast of Fine’s alter ego, she is accused of being a warmonger.

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Back Arrow: Episode 14 Review

Episode 14 finally lived up to all the hype the anime had been building up in the last few episodes. The war between Dark Fine and Zetsu was a sight to behold. Fine’s ruthless war tactics were so mercilessly portrayed that it has become a matter of difficulty to dislike this anime even more. The episode was overflowing with drama and action.

It did felt a bit out of character for Zetsu to give up so easily. However, Fine’s ultimate weapon to be love was a good twist. Healing not just her own but also the warriors of her enemy structures the Back Arrow’s aim at implying the power of human emotions.

Back Arrow Episode 14 Review

Shu Bi: Back Arrow Episode 14.

What marks the show stopper for this episode was Shu’s Granedger’s, Super-Dreadnaught Cannon. The scene was extremely well done, and the CGI was up top. It was a point where Rekka had already theoretically lost.

The climax of this episode was extremely well written. The writers of this show deserve a lot of appreciation for this episode. The overall concept of Fine’s brilliantly written personality was delivered to the audience without fail.

Back Arrow: Episode 15

Now that Fine is seen as an antagonist by her own people, Back Arrow will bring in some intense drama. We already know Zetsu has not given up on his lust for power, but it might be a while before he strikes again. Moreover, it is tough to decide what Rudolph is planning ahead.

Episode 15 comes out on 17 April 2021. Stream the anime on legal websites to support the creators of this amazing anime series of 2021.

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