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Bachelorette Recap: Katie Thurston Talks About Her Past

Bachelorette Recap: Katie Thurston: The Bachelorette has once again rocked our television screens with the new content it has started to provide us, and we have no complaints about this reality TV show. Also, the most recent episode of the series that came out back on Monday provided us the details regarding the various accusations made by Karl. It was about a cast member in the house who did not stand by his side when he most needed them. But well, this accusation surely gave rise to some of the most bizarre consequences.

The fact that Katie Thurston decided that she does not want to continue with the cocktail party after Karl came up with his side of the story. When she was asked about the reasons to cancel this event, Katie claimed that she does not possess the right headspace to provide some of the members of the team right now living in the house. She says that these people deserve her attention, but she needs time to give it. She also revealed that she is not going to entertain anybody that night, and all of them will have to go straight ahead to the rose ceremony.

Bachelorette Recap Katie Thurston Past No Consent When Having Sex

Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston On Everything That is Wrong With Karl

Well, this surely did raise concerns among the fans regarding what is up with Katie right now. Greg surely was not getting the chill vibes that Katie usually generates, thus, he decided to pull a check on her before all of them could leave for the rose ceremony. This was when Katie told Greg that she is not confident about everyone else who is in that room. Katie is currently 30 years in age and has told the rose recipient.

On the other hand, we saw all the other men in the house urging Karl to reveal the names of everyone who he does not trust on the show but to no avail. He decided not to speak about this topic any longer and did not give the names of anyone. Also, the guys had almost believed till this point that Katie is not going to give Karl a rose. Before the rose ceremony could start, Katie had some announcements to make and some feelings to discuss. Shea said that she is still very confused about her decision but is trying to follow her heart into this matter.


What did Katie Reveal to the hosts?

Well, the names that she gave roses to are David as well as Hunter and Conor C along with Mike P. Although, she stopped before Karl, who is currently 31 years in age, and told everyone that everything that Karl said was a lie. After this, Katie asked the other men present in the room about it and felt the same way. Well, they all agreed to her, and this was when Katie excused herself from the scene.

While talking with Tayashia Adams as well as Kaitlyn Bristowe, Katie discussed her true feelings about Karl. She said that she wanted to have him around on the show but after the revelation which came out by Mike P, she was not so sure about him at all. This is why Katie decided against handing a rose to Karl. On the other hand, you guys should know that Michael, as well as Connor B., along with the other cast, including Quartney Tre and Justin moved on.

First Group Announcements

Now, let us discuss the first group date announcements that have been made on The Bachelorette for a week. The names which are selected enlists Aaron, James, David, Thomas, Brendon, Quartney, Connor B., Justin, and Hunter. Also, they had their own share of concerns regarding Katie and how she did not sign the date card with her usual heart or even wrote Love, Katie at the end.

Well, their issues got cleared up very soon when they actually arrived at the date. It was getting hosted by Nick Viall, a previous member of The Bachelorette, and all of the participants realized that it would be a very serious one. Nick told the guys that they would have to reveal their personal secrets or any personality stuff that might raise a red flag and tell Katie about it beforehand. Thus, the show went on with each of them listing out their vulnerable aspects.

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