Babylon’s Fall: Release Date, Trailer & Gameplay

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Babylon's Fall

Platinum Games and the team behind the critically acclaimed “Nier Automata” are back with “Babylon’s Fall,” their next third-person action game. The game has a four-player co-op and is set in a persistent online world. The game is also a PlayStation exclusive, and it will be released on PS4, PS5, and PC. Yoko Taro, the designer of “Nier Automata,” is working on at least two games, one of which is the upcoming “Babylon’s Fall.”

The plot of “Babylon’s Fall” is just what you’d expect from a Platinum film. A troop of warriors embarks on an epic journey to conquer Babylon’s colossal Tower. The warriors are outfitted with Gideon Coffins, which let them wield up to four different weapons at once, allowing for a wide range of load-outs and build customization. “Babylon’s Fall” also has a distinctive graphical style that recalls oil paintings, giving the game a flowing painting aspect. Here’s all we know about “Babylon’s Fall” so far.

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Babylon’s Fall Release Date

There is no specific release date or even an estimated release window for “Babylon’s Fall.” Platinum Games has a shaky track record when it comes to releasing games on time after they’ve been announced, with “Bayonetta 3” finally earning a 2022 release date after first being announced in 2017. While Platinum Games has not announced a release date, there are several grounds to suspect that the game will be released sooner than anticipated.

Babylon's Fall
Still from Babylon’s Fall

The fact that “Babylon’s Fall” will be released on both PS4 and PS5 is one of the most important factors pointing to a release date in 2022-2023. Even PlayStation is planning to release cross-gen games in 2022 – as seen by its terrible news for “God of War” fans – which appears to be the most recent release date for cross-gen games so far. It will become more difficult to create a technically impressive game if it is still required to be released on outdated technology as time passes. Another indicator is that gamers can already sign up for a closed beta, implying that the game is still in its early stages of development.

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Babylon’s Fall: Trailer

During E3 2021, “Babylon’s Fall” received a completely new trailer, which showcased the game’s decrepit fantasy setting. The environment of “Babylon’s Fall” is typical of an RPG, with a stonewalled city, a forest, a volcano, and a snowy region. Following that, the teaser depicts four players exploring the world together, underlining the game’s co-op aspect. All of the adversaries displayed glow with a mysterious blue liquid, presumably implying that the game’s enemies are infected by something, possibly from the tower.

This game will be a live-service product with a variety of post-launch game modes available at no additional cost, according to the makers. A closed beta is also being signed up for, which you may sign up for on the official website.

Babylon’s Falls: Gameplay

The gameplay of “Babylon’s Fall,” which appears to be an extension of “Nier Automata,” is also showcased in the clip. It features Platinum Games’ trademark fast-paced hack-and-slash combat. Characters can switch between several weapons on the fly, allowing for unique combinations. The teaser also teases a few plot details, showing some of the main characters in cutscenes with blue veins on their necks, hinting that they may be affected by the same virus as the enemies.

Babylon's Fall
A Still from Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall was initially revealed at Square Enix’s E3 2018 press presentation, and it was confirmed for PS4 and PC. Apart from another teaser over a year later, little else has been heard about the game, despite Platinum Games reassuring fans last year that it was still in development. The PS5 version of the game is now available.

Square Enix and Platinum Games also released a gameplay overview during E3 2021, in which many developers detailed exactly what type of game “Babylon’s Fall” will be. The game is a four-player hack-and-slash RPG, according to them. While the game can be played alone, the dungeons are designed to be finished in groups of four. Thus solo players may be paired up with other players at times.

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Players’ weapons are continually floating behind them in combat, similar to “Nier Automata,” although in “Babylon’s Fall,” players have four weapons equipped at the same time in battle. Magic powers are also included in the game, allowing for a variety of play styles. Battle skills, such as causing more damage after dodging an attack, can be chosen and combined to meet a specific combat style. The game will have a core storyline to follow, but it will also be supported as a continuous online game, with additional dungeons and challenges being added after launch.

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