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B: The Beginning (Killer B Anime) Trailer and Review

B: The Beginning

B: The Beginning (also known as Killer B Anime) has been one of the strongest anime we’ve seen this year, and another decent series from Netflix after Devilman Crybaby. The series premiered in March 2018, and quickly caught attention of fans of the mystery genre. This anime revolves around the story of Royal Investigation Service (RIS), who are put looking for a serial killer known as Killer B.

B isn’t your average criminal. He’s elusive, and it is nearly impossible to get a trace. Killer B has terrorized Cremona; a city where many have already fallen prey to him.

B: The Beginning

In order to catch this guy, a detective known around as Kieth is carrying out the investigation in order to catch a hold of this guy. Just like any other detective, Kieth is brilliant, yet he has his issues when it comes to Social conduct, kind of like Sherlock Holmes. Also known as Genie, Kieth usually prefers working on cases alone. However, he does have someone working with him on this case, and that person is Lily.

Just because they work together doesn’t mean they get along well though. Kieth and Lily has different ideologies, and that’s what makes their relationship intriguing to watch right from the beginning to the very end. Lily wants to work with Kieth, but he doesn’t really like working with others.

Killer B Anime

The series also features a criminal because, known as Market Maker, whose job is to wreak havoc in the city via various acts of terrorism. Despite being a major criminal organization, they are bland characters, and honestly not that fun. What’s far more interesting about this series is the Black Winged King, or Koku. You don’t quite understand what he’s up to for the first couple of episodes, but hang tight, and you will know what his story is all out, and why he is the way he is.

The fight sequences in the movie are pretty amazing. I have to say, animation-wise, the series looks top-notch. I love the fluidity of that characters’ movements, and most of these involve the scenes with Koku.

In fact, the animation for this show alone makes it a show worth checking out. I can’t speak for the story too much, because I don’t want to spoil you guys, but honestly, I didn’t find it that great. However, the dynamism of Kieth and Lily, along with the supernatural abilities of characters like Koku do make the show enjoyable at the very least. While it won’t be one of the best anime series that you will have watched this year, it s definitely one that you should put on your list of shows to watch for Spring 2018.

You cannot download B: The Beginning (Killer B Anime) but you can stream it and watch it on Netflix exclusively.

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