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B Positive Episode 15: Preview and Recap

B Positive
B Positive

B Positive season 1 has been going on for quite a while now, and fans obviously can not get enough of the drama that comes along with the series. It provides us with a weekly dose of humor which comes saturated with various other genres such as romance as well as drama. Mainly drama, though. Recently in the show, we have seen how Gina is literally ruining her relationship with Eli.

It all gets a little too severe even after Eli genuinely invites her over to a wedding happening in Las Vegas. Well, enough with the whole back story already because we should currently focus on the future. In this article, we have provided a detailed recap at the bottom but first, let us dive skinny deep into the details of B Positive Episode 15.

B Positive Episode 15 Release Date and Spoilers

First of all, B Positive episode 15 release date for 22nd of April 2021, and it is titled Miss Diagnosis. The episode is supposed to drop out on CBS at 9.30 PM, according to Eastern Time. For further details, you guys should keep in mind that new episodes of the show drop out every week on Thursday. Also, if you are someone who loves watching the show but is not sure where to view the latest episodes, then we have got you covered. The easiest way of watching B Positive is by tuning in to CBS at the designated time slot and watch the episode airing on the screen. But well, if you are someone who does not like having cable cords at home and have cut them long ago, then there are other methods of watching the show as well.

B Positive Season 1 Episode 15 Release Date and Spoilers

A still from B Positive Season 1

The official website of CBS has all the episodes dropping out on the platform and allows you to stream them. This option is also available with the CBS app on which the episodes drop out after some hours of their original air on the network. On the other hand, YouTube TV is your perfect partner if a fan wants to stream the show live but on other devices. Amazon Prime Video acts as a VOD platform that lets you buy or even rent your favorite episodes from the platform if you absolutely are in love with the show.

Now, you all might be wondering about what is the plot of the show going to be about. Here, we are mentioning potential spoilers of the series, and if a person does not feel comfortable while reading those before the episode even airs, please feel free to skip over to the recap section. Now, there are not many details released by the creators regarding the plot of this episode, but there is no harm in speculating about it. First of all, we will witness Gina as well as Eli playing their romance cards and helping the show move on.

Eli is trying really hard to have a normal relationship with Gina, but she is constantly deteriorating the bond as soon as she gets a chance. The show gets even intriguing to watch as the drama involved in it gets top-notch. We know how Eli needed a kidney donor urgently if he wanted to survive, and thus, help was sent to him in the form of Gina. But this is where his life took a twisted turn and put in some spice. We know Eli and Gina are destined to be, and the B Positive season 1 episode 15 will also contribute to adding the important bits to their relationship.

B Positive Episode 14 Recap

Previously in the B Positive season 1 episode 14, which was titled Love Life Support, we were provided with a whole new set of details about Gina and Eli. Also, Eli is being generous towards her and also being thankful that Gina has agreed to lend him her kidney. He even invites her to a wedding in Las Vegas. Although, we know that Las Vegas means drinks, and that is the biggest weakness of Gina. She is supposed to stay away from all the addictive stuff for at least 3 months before she is ready to lend Eli her kidney. She even convinces Eli that she is a perfect kidney donor for him but does not skip a chance to make him doubt her over in every episode.

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