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Spoilers and Preview: Axios Season 4 Episode 7

Preview And Recap: Axios Season 4, Episode 7

HBO’s very own news channel has been going strong, covering a wide range of topics. Axios created by HBO itself, debuted on 4 November 2018. The show is produced by a number of production houses. These include C5, Downtown Community Television Center, and Running Man. The news covering docu-series has successfully aired three full-fledged seasons since its debut. Currently, it’s on the fourth season run. It has covered six episodes so far with every 30 minutes long. Axios covers a range of topics which include politics, business, and technology that shape the future. There are documentary shorts, interviews from major newsmakers, and insights from Axios’s signature “Smart Brevity”.

So, as Axios awaits for its seventh consecutive episode of the fourth season, here we are taking a look at what happened so far. From an interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham to the CEO of Pfizer and Sen. Joe Manchin to CEO of Ripple, there is a lot to cover for. Also, we will be looking at when we can expect the next episode from the HBO docu-news series. Let’s begin.

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Recap: Axios Season 4 Season 6

Interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham

The sixth episode of Axios began with a straightforward interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham. He was asked about losing the elections this year and what he thinks is the reason behind it. Sen. Lindsey Graham believed the reason they fell short was that suburban women left the Trump team in Arizona and Georgia. Talking about encouraging Trump for another run in 2024, he wants the most electable candidate in the party.

Preview And Recap: Axios Season 4, Episode 7

Still From Axios Season 4, Episode 6

Next, Sen. Lindsey Graham talked about climate change and how the Republican Party saw it. He further talked about the other issues that are quite serious. Starting with car companies looking to make transitions and moving toward a lower-carbon economy. He further talked about Capital Riot and how he still considers Trump a friend even after the riot. It was a dark day for the country. Sen. Lindsey Graham further showed compassion towards Trump and still believes he can make Republican Party bigger and how at the same time could also destroy it.

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Interview With Dr. Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer

Dr. Albert Bourla, in an interview with Caitlin Owens, talked about what made him take a shot at a vaccine made using mRNA technology. A technique that hasn’t been fully tested yet. He further elaborated on how the Pfizer vaccine is quite different from the other vaccines in the market. Especially with the fact that Pfizer is more effective than the others.

Preview And Recap: Axios Season 4, Episode 7

Still From Axios Season 4, Episode 6

Dr. Albert Bourla further stated that we shouldn’t be afraid of Covid-19. Instead, we should be prepared. He also talked about a study of implementing three shots of vaccine every six months and what effect it could have on individuals and its variants. He further elaborated on how price shouldn’t become an obstacle for vaccines. Dr. Albert Bourla also revealed that he has got the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine and is about to get a second soon. He described his experience in one word as “Liberated”.

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Interview With Sen. Joe Manchin

Sen. Joe Manchin sat on an interview with Mike Allen. He talked about how he feels Joe Biden is the right person at the right time and place. After LBJ, he believes Biden is the person who really understands the working of Senates.  Sen. Joe Manchin further talked about climate change how it’s our responsibility to fix it. He further talked about the Covid Relief Plan and the tremendous debt the country is facing.

Preview And Recap: Axios Season 4, Episode 7

Still From Axios Season 4, Episode 6

Sen. Joe Manchin went on to talk about the second package and how they are willing to work with it. He believes if everyone works towards it, including the Republicans, in a 50/50 manner, it could be executed successfully. He further revealed his relationship with President Joe Biden and the colleagues of Republicans who can help the Biden Agenda somewhere. The interview ended with Sem. Joe Manchin talking about his houseboat in DC.

Interview With Dan Primack and Brad Garlinghouse

Dan Primack talked with Jim VandeHei on the situation of Cryptocurrencies. He talked about why people think most cryptocurrencies are worthless and how Ripple and XRP make the difference. He elaborated on the situation of how XRP, the biggest cryptocurrency in the world, sued Ripple. The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, joined the interview with Dan Primack. He talked about how ordinary people should look at the rise and fall of cryptocurrency.

Preview And Recap: Axios Season 4, Episode 7

Still From Axios Season 4, Episode 6

Brad Garlinghouse explained the problem XRP was developed to solve and how XRP is so controversial. He talked about how Ripple aims to make real-time transactions across borders more efficiently at very lower costs. He further talked about the lawsuit and how it doesn’t make sense. Garlinghouse also elaborated on the fact that only the USA considers XRP as security and how it is bad for Crypto.

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Axios Season 4 Episode 7 Release Date

Axios Season 4 Episode 7 is to be released on the 14th of March 2021 at 6:00 PM(New York Time) on HBO, just like all other episodes. Also, much like all the episodes, it will also run for a 30-minute runtime. Though there are not many details revealed on the guests, as usual, we are expecting some more political figures and revolutionary technology driving names to make their presence felt as they talk about the current situation of the world. So stay tuned for further updates on Axios Season 4.

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