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Awake 2 – Will There Be A Sequel To The Netflix Sci-Fi Drama?

Is Awake 2 Happening?
From The Official Trailer Of Awake Featuring Gina Rodriguez as Jill Adams

Awake, the brand new Netflix sci-fi drama introduces a phenomenon that could turn out to be a procrastinator’s worst nightmare. Jokes apart, a nightmare for every individual out there. At this point should we even call it a nightmare? because the movie is about humans losing the ability to sleep. Yes, imagine how much energy we may lose and how mad humans may start to go. Plus the fact that insomnia might kill you off is another thing to look at. That’s all Awake is about. But Awake is just not all dark and sad accepting of facts. Much like every disaster movie out there, humans are looking for a cure. Towards the end, the main characters of Noah and  Matilda do find one when the two children try to resurrect their mother Jill. But nothing past that was shown as the movie closes stating she may have survived. For what happens next, we may need a sequel in the form of Awake 2 which may answer several questions.

Here we are breaking down all the possibilities for Awake 2 to happen anytime soon. Following the cliffhanger, the movie has left us on. Yes, we know the movie lacked a little when it comes to the story-telling but the idea behind was great. Something that should be explored right. Like are there more than the two people mentioned in the film who could sleep? Did Jill survive and dying for a moment is the cure. So many questions around. So answering them, let’s take a look at if we should expect Awake 2. If it’s happening when and what could the plot go like for the sequel.

Should We Expect Awake 2?

Probably yes, probably not. It all depends on how much interest Awake peaks in for the audience. Plus in a world where movie universes thrive, it won’t hurt to have one for Awake right. Well to be precisely clear, Awake always looked like a one-off story. Right from its first trailer to watching the movie in its entirety. It introduced a post-apocalyptic world quite similar to those zombie movies. Just cut off the zombies and add the phenomenon of humans having no sleep. The creators at the moment have no word on whether they would go for a sequel, so it all depends on the reception and viewership now.

When Could Awake 2 Come?

From The Official Trailer Of Awake Featuring Gina Rodriguez as Jill Adams

If we are being honest, Awake as of right now doesn’t have great reception. Many have dubbed it as shallow disaster drama with not much to follow for. The lack of performance power resulted in the movie failing to narrate its original idea. But anyway Netlflix hasn’t considered the reviews and receptions in the past. They have always turned their heads to viewership data. If the viewership serves right for the film. We may have Awake 2 in making any time soon.

Awake 2 Release Date

Like we said, Awake at the moment is only considered to be a one-off tale to be told. So expecting or determining a release date for a sequel is difficult. The audience has seriously not been into this film much at the time. Unless Netflix continues showing interest in the film despite its poor reviews and strong streaming numbers. Even the three stars who play the main characters of the film may find themselves busy. Gina Rodriguez has three projects in production with one coming soon. Ariana Greenblatt who plays Matilda has two projects coming. Lucius Hoyos has a TV series in pre-production. So considering all of this, Awake 2 may come close to release next year or even take more than that to come if it is confirmed.

Awake 2 Plot – What Could The Film Follow?

The plot for Awake could go three ways. Let’s start with the original one introduced in the first film with our main characters finding the cure. Awake originally saw the world facing an apocalypse that wiped out electronics and human’s ability to sleep. While scientists and the military worked hard to prevent insomnia that could erase humans. Jill’s daughter was the one who became one of the few who actually could sleep. The ending of Awake saw Jill’s son Noah messing with electronics and electrocuting himself. Thus resulting in him dying for some time and come back with an ability to sleep. This became evident when they observed even Matlida died briefly in the river initially in the movie.

The Story For Awake 2

From The Official Trailer Of Awake Featuring Ariana Greenblatt as Matilda Adams

So kids tested the theory with their mother Jill as she was on verge of dying by drowning her. Then quickly rescuing her as Noah performed CPR. The movie closed with us hearing a gasp. So we can assume Jill did survive and there is a chance the family has the actual cure. It is to die for a moment. Anyway, if Awake 2 ever sees the light of the day we may see the family sharing the cure to the world or even loved ones. This could also bring wrath if the government decides to go another way with sharing the secret. This may lead them to hide away from the scientists and military to protect themselves.

The second way Awake 2 may go would be with the new characters facing insomnia and its effects. Telling the story on the other side of the world. The ones who didn’t have a single hope or anyone around who can sleep as the first film did. Lastly, we can expect the movie to unfold with ending the world’s insomnia and having some survivors. But probably some other disaster kicks in already following the world insomnia. This may all come true if there is Awake 2 in making.

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