Avowed: When Can We Expect The Obsidian Game To Release?

Avowed Release Date
Avowed Release Date

Role-playing game fans rejoice! If you’re not already. After all, y’all must be quite busy with Elden Ring. But today, we’re covering the release date for Avowed. After Microsoft acquired Obsidian Entertainment and the game was showcased at the Xbox 2020 Expo, there’s a certain expectation for this title. After all, it’s coming from the same guys that gave us a Fallout title and The Outer Worlds.

As we always say, you know how it goes with us gamers; if there’s a title that simply takes too long or if it ends up being a bad game, we’ll just pick up another title. As simple as that. But since Avowed promises a lot, let’s take a moment and check out what Obsidian Entertainment has in store for the public. Avowed is poised to be their first big RPG title since the acquisition by Microsoft. Can they do it? Or is the game stuck in the developer hell?

Avowed Release Date
A still from the Avowed gameplay

What Is Avowed?

Avowed is an upcoming role-playing game initially showcased at the Xbox Games Exposition in July 2020 that takes the player to the fantastic world of Eora. It’s developed by Obsidian, the same studio that developed Fallout: New Vegas. Moreover, it is a spin-off to Pillars of Eternity. As to the intricacies of the story, we can’t reach that far because the developers have kept a tight lid on those details.

Avowed will be an open-world game and apparently will be larger than Skyrim! As to how big, it’s up for grabs. We’ll know when the developers drop more intel on the official site. We know that the environment will be very reactive to what players do, and the devs pay close attention to detailed character creation with mod support!

Is Avowed Bundled With Xbox Game Pass?

Since Microsoft purchased Obsidian Entertainment, Avowed is an Xbox Game Studios first party title. Consequently, Avowed will be available for all Xbox Game Pass holders when it launches at no cost, as it is part of the subscription. Feel free to try it out when it lands on your console!

Will Avowed Be Available On PlayStation?

As stated earlier, Obsidian Entertainment is now the property of Microsoft. And everything that the studio produces will be exclusive to the Xbox platform. Therefore, Avowed won’t be available for the Sony PlayStation consoles.

Game Features

The game will showcase a real-time weather system. Secondly, the boss battles will be on a very large scale. Also, you can enlist companions that can assist you in your travels and quests. Moreover, Obsidian will let players interact with every aspect of the game, going as far as killing some key characters and terminating the plot.

There are two big cities in current development. And the creatures and wildlife are based on the Pillars of Eternity stories with new elements to provide a level of originality. Additionally, AI will be incorporated into the mix to make things even more exciting. As to what point, we’re not sure. Lastly, you will play the games with both melee weapons and magic spellcasting.

Avowed Release Date
A screenshot from the gameplay trailer

Avowed Release Date

Avowed will release sometime in 2022. As to the specific date and month. We’re not sure. And probably the developing team isn’t sure either. Firstly, the game has been stuck in developing hell for over two years now. Still, the game isn’t confirmed for a delay —yet. Supposedly, the wait won’t be past the second quarter of 2022. We’re reaching mid-May, and there is still no word. Can the devs hurry, or are they telling us that the game is delayed? They got over 100 people working on that project. We wish them good luck, as no game developer nor gamer wants a project stuck on delay.

Rest assured that we will post an update for you when we receive more intel. With this, we reach the end of Avowed latest developments. Thank you for reading our article, and please navigate to our front page to check out what else is going on in the entertainment world. See you soon, and happy gaming!

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