Avengers Infinity War On Netflix: When Can We Watch It?

Avengers Infinity War Netflix

Avengers Infinity War is arguably the biggest ever superhero movie to date. The film has been very successful, and it will go down as an iconic movie in the history books. The movie is focused on Thanos, who has traveled across the Galaxy in his search for the Infinity Stones. With the Infinity Stones, he wants to wipe away half of the population of the Earth.

Avengers Infinity War is regarded as the biggest superhero movie of all time. When the film hit the theaters, it blew up the box office, and it has some huge numbers. Since then, the movie has also been released on DVD which you can now rent on Netflix if you have their DVD subscription and you are living in America.

Avengers Infinity War Netflix

Avengers Infinity War: Netflix Release Date

Disney and Netflix struck a deal back in 2014 and ever since then every new movie comes out on Netflix after eight to nine months. So, judging by this pattern, we can expect the movie to hit Netflix US somewhere between November and December 2018. Previously, Captain America: Civil War was released around the same time in 2016. After the theater release, the movie came to Netflix on December 25th, 2016.

So, it is very likely that Infinity War will come to Netflix around the same time. Netflix Canada doesn’t have the same contract as America, but, the movies come out around the same time. In the UK, Netflix doesn’t have the rights. The movie rights belong to Sky, which gets Marvel movies before Netflix. So, the wait for UK fans will be longer.

Netflix Canada will likely be getting the second part of Infinity War, but in the United States, the Disney deal will be up by the time it releases in cinemas. That’s why “Ant-Man and The Wasp” is scheduled to be the final Marvel movie added to Netflix. Instead, you can expect the second part to drop on Disney’s new streaming service to be up and running in 2019.