Avengers: Endgame To Kill Off Captain America?

There have been absolutely infinite theories regarding Avengers: Endgame going throughout the world and the latest one is that in the new Avengers movie we might get to see Captain America dying right at the start of the movie. There have been some small clips revealed of the movie and of course the trailers as well. So, here is what this theory actually argues about.

Well, it says that since the runtime of Avengers: Endgame is three hours long it is possible that the movie will kill Captain America right at the beginning of the movie and then the team will travel back in time to get a new captain. Why will then they kill off Captain America? There are two possible reasons for that one is it will rally the new team together which is much needed at this time of crisis and Captain America will start taking Tony Stark a bit more seriously. Here is what the theory suggests will happen.

Captain America will go to defeat Thanos in a rush of blood and not listen to Tony Stark numerous times which will cause the doom of Avengers in the first place.

Avengers Endgame theory

After his death all Avengers will be on the same damn page and the present Tony Stark will tell the past Captain America to trust him a bit more which will make sense at the time and they’ll finally be able to defeat Thanos by travelling back in past and stop the whole incident from occurring in the first place which will, in turn, bring back all the characters that have been killed by Thanos including Captain America.

Wow, this theory itself is a roller coaster ride but it does have a point and it makes way more sense than I initially expected. So, yeah it might be better if Captain America dies right at the start of the movie and sets in motion the doom of Thanos. This movie is going to be absolutely awesome and the fans will certainly want that the three hours shouldn’t end because of the sheer amount of action that will be stuffed in this movie.

Don’t you all worry now because Avengers: Endgame is soon going to be released in all theatres on 26 April 2019. As we know there have been a lot of interesting and sensible theories on the Avengers fans circuit, will anyone of them actually turn out to be correct? What are your thoughts on the above theory? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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