‘Avengers 4’ First Trailer Confirmed To Be Released This Year

Avengers 4 is one of the most anticipated movies right now. Fans can’t help but wonder what will be in the first trailer and what will be the official title of the movie. After all, this would be the movie where we will see what will happen in after Thanos erased half of the universe. Luckily for us, Kevin Feige provided a new information about this upcoming movie.

Avengers 4 Trailer Release Date

Fans of the franchise are excited to see what will happen in the next part of the Avengers Infinity War. However, the showrunners are good in keeping any information from leaking. Fortunately, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige decided to share information about the movie and fans will be happy in what is to come in the last two months of 2018.

avengers 4 trailer release date

According to We Got This Covered, Feige attended a special screening for Black Panther and the event is for the Oscar voters. Feige was asked when will the first ever preview for the Avengers 4 will be. It is expected that Feige will not give the exact date, but he provides a time frame, and that time frame is between the last two months of the year. Avengers 4 trailer release date is expected to come this November or December.

It is also expected that the official title for the movie will be revealed in the trailer next month or in December. The movie was previewed back in 2014 as “Avenger: Infinity War – Part 2” but was removed last July 2016. The movie has been untitled since then, with fans giving it a nickname as Avengers 4.

According to Gizmodo, Crossbones will make an appearance in the movie, but only in flashbacks. This was confirmed by Frank Grillo, who appeared in a UFC Unfiltered podcast. The movie is expected to be released on April 26, 2019, in the UK and May 3, 2019, in the US.

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