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Avani And Anthony Break Up: The Pair Talks About Keeping Their Relationship Private

Avani- Anthony
Avani- Anthony

Popular TikTok star Avani Gregg has been gaining huge attention from fans and has over 19 million followers on the site. Moreover, the TikTok stunner has been grabbing eyeballs with her stunning pictures and interesting travel videos. However, the young star has also managed to grab attention to all the occurrences in her personal life as well. Popular TikToker Avani Gregg is reportedly dating another fellow TikTok star named Anthony Reeves. Reeves also goes by the name luvanthony.

The young TikTok couple often posts pictures with each other on their respective Instagram accounts. Avani recently took to her social media and posted a mushy picture while celebrating her six-month anniversary with her man. Being one of the social media‘s most popular couples, the couple has been under the public eye, and that might be problematic at times. Avani Gregg has gone on record to talk about it and how it is important to keep things private.

Avani And Anthony Break Up: Are The TikTok Stars Not Together Anymore?

However, the two have been keeping their relationship private  and away from the media limelight. Reeves recently opened up about her relationship and why she prefers to keep things private. While talking about it, she explains how she has been watching social media relationships her entire life and just seeing people getting together, then breaking up over Twitter, and then getting back together and breaking up in a YouTube video.

Avani- Anthony

The young TikToker believes that putting all the drama out on platforms isn’t necessary because then that allows  them to give feedback on the relationship. The young TikTok couple share one or two photos together time and again. However, they rarely talk about each other in interviews or to the paparazzi and maintain utter discretion.

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Avani And Anthony Talks About The Need To Keep Their Relationship Discreet.

While talking about their relationship and the need to keep it private, Gregg says they just don’t really care if other people are part of that life. However, after a few videos resurfaced, fans were quick to notice that Avani looked sad and assumed that whether the two have split and are not together anymore. That is not the case, as the two are still following each other on social media and are just keep it discreet.

Rest assured that the two are very much together and are in no way parting ways anytime soon. As for the breakup rumours, they are not true and are just a ruse. The pair just doesn’t want to keep things out on social media at all times, and Avani is pretty vocal about it. With as many as sixty million combined followers on their social media, the couple has a huge fan following who root for their relationship and are in awe. Believe it or not but the two are so very popular on social media that they have done a few endorsements as well. Their chemistry and romance has fetched them a great deal of endorsement projects as well.

The Two Have Fetched A Few Endorsements As Well.

While talking about how they are happy how things are between them in private and surely doesn’t want too much interference, Avani recalled how they started talking in the first place. Avani said she initially DMed him to ask him where he got some of his stuff because they were both into fashion back then and while they were in touch on a regular basis, but they finally met in person, that was the start of everything!

Avani- Anthony

When asked how does it feel to be one of TikTok’s most popular couple, Avani said that the irony is they did not even meet on TikTok but started talking on Instagram in the first place. Avani adds how having people put input in their relationship when they don’t have a say in it, and that is the very reason why they avoid posting so much to avoid any kind of media speculation or fans coming to any conclusion.

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