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    Universes That Are Close To Getting Eliminated – RANKED

    The Tournament of Power is held by the two Zenos, because they want to reduce the amount of Universes to look after. Basically, according to them, the Universes which have a lower mortal level, or simply the weaker Universes, are a waste of time. Originally, the Zenos were just going to erase the Universes without […]

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    Things You Must Know About Ultra Instinct Goku

    Ultra Instinct is a form that can only be achieved by a select few in the world of Dragon Ball. Usually, it is a state that can only be used by the Angels, and maybe some Gods of Destruction. Although, anyone can attain this form, with the right training. Ultra Instinct is a power that […]

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    New DBS News Hints Super Namekian God

    Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 dropped a while ago, and it was extremely interesting. Mostly, because Ribrianne finally got eliminated, and I think people just didn’t like her. But, she’s the only thing to talk about from the episode. The Androids ran the show this week, and I’m glad they’re getting their screen-time. […]

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    5 Things You May Have Missed From Dragon Ball Super Episode 117

    Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 aired today, and the episode delivered. It mostly focused on Universe 2, their ongoing battle against Universe 7. The Androids have had a brief scuffle with the Universe 2 warriors once, and it continued here, once again. I’ll be discussing some of the most important points from Dragon […]

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    New Spoilers Reveals Why Jiren Is Not Eliminating Anyone At All

    Jiren has probably been the most talked about character in the world of Dragon Ball since the past few months. He was revealed during the Universe Survival Saga, as a member of Universe 11’s team for the Tournament of Power, and a member of the Pride Troopers. We didn’t know much about Jiren in the […]

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    Dragon Ball Super 117 New Spoilers!

    Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is arriving to an interesting part, and with just 17 minutes to go, we’re about to get an intense battle that’s going to end with the erasure of one or multiple universes. Before I continue with the post, I wanna let you all know that this post […]

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    The Biggest Plot Twist In The Tournament of Power!

    Dragon Ball Super is currently in the Universe Survival Saga, where multiple Universes are fighting to for their own survival. 8 Universes, who had a low mortal level took part in the Tournament of Power, and only 6 remain now. With 17 minutes left, more than half of the Tournament is already over, and most […]

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    Leaked Dragon Ball Super 118 Photos

    Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is entering the final stages now, with 17 minutes to go, whatever follows from here on out is going to be really important. We’ve already seen most fodder characters get eliminated, and we’ve seen Universe 9 and Universe 10 get erased as well. There are still a couple of […]

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    2 Universes Might Be Getting Erased In Dragon Ball Super!

    Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power might just be the most interesting thing that the series has done so far, and I have nothing but praise for the staff working on it right now, because many doubted if the Universe Survival Saga was even going to be good. Now that we’re halfway through the Tournament […]

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    New DBS 118 Spoilers CONFIRMED Erasure Of One Universe

    Dragon Ball Super has been really exciting for the past couple of weeks, and the Tournament of Power is certainly heating up. What’s more, according to spoilers, the next couple of episodes will be very interesting, because Universe 2, Universe 7, Universe 6, and hopefully some members from other Universes will be in action. To […]