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    The Next Universe 7 Member To Get Eliminated – CONFIRMED

    Hey everyone! The confirmed spoilers for Dragon Ball Super are out, and yesterday, we got the episode titles. I previously told you not to believe in the 100%, but apparently, they are indeed legit, and that was confirmed by a scan, which came out just a while ago. Finally, after the elimination of two more […]

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    This Is How Frieza Will Be Eliminated

    Freeza is one of the main DBS villains, and at this point, he is also a character important to the story. He was selected for the Tournament of Power squad because of Majin Buu not being able to participate. But, we all pretty much know that Freeza is planning something sinister that goes along the […]

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    Biggest Fusion In Dragon Ball Super – Confirmed

    Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is going to enter the most exciting stages now, as we’ve got just about 13 minutes left now. With most fodder out of the way already, this is the time when we’re going to see the stronger fighters come into action. But, before that happens, I have some interesting […]

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    Next Dragon Ball Super Fusion Confirmed – EP 121

    The Tournament of Power has been going on for a long time now, and we’re down to the last 13 minutes right now. Many powerful warriors have already been eliminated, and there are those like Jiren who you just know are going to be the final obstacle for our Universe 7 warriors. When you look […]

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    New Dragon Ball Super 120 SPOILERS

    Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is heading towards its end at a decent speed, and it looks like it’ll be over in about the next 10 or so episodes. 8 Universes took part in the Tournament of Power. 4 other Universes were exempted from the Tournament of Power because they had a […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Manga Creator Draws Three New Kaioshin

    Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about the Kaioshin, who are the Gods of a Universe in Dragon Ball. For those of you who don’t know, Kaioshin are the supreme Kai who live in the realm of Gods, and are the gods who are meant to create life, and protect their Universe, as opposed […]

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    Goku is Secretly Trying To Push Himself To Break His Limit

    Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to be talking about Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode, which is episode 118, and a big thing that nobody noticed from it. Now, like always, I wanna let you guys know that this post will events from the Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super, so if you haven’t watched the […]

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    Dragon Ball Super December 2017 Schedule

    Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power has been going on for quite a while now, and now, we already have 4 Universes out of our way. In the recent episode, Universe 2, and Universe 6 were knocked out, and we had an emotional farewell to Champa and the rest of the Universe 6. With that, […]

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    The Real Number 1 of Revolutionary Army In One Piece

    Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece. This organization has grown in the last decade at an unprecedented speed. Dragon is the main guy behind it, but he also has many comrades. He is said to be the most wanted man in the world. Dragon being the most wanted […]

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    DBS SPOILERS: Vegeta’s Fate In Tournament of Power

    Hey everyone! Today, I wanna talk about Vegeta, and his fate in the Tournament of Power. In the last episode, we saw how Universe 2, and Universe 6 got eliminated, and this led to their Erasure. However, there are still 4 Universes left, and there’s no time to stop for our Universe 7 warriors. The […]