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  • Iron Fist Season 3 Release Date

    When Does Iron Fist Season 3 Come Out?

    Today we’ll be talking about Iron Fist Season 3 release date and updates. Iron Fist first season started out with a left foot, many people saw it, something that made the suits in the corporate boardroom of Marvel happy and content, but the first season was hammered by critics and fans alike. So the guys […] More

  • Power Season 6 Release Date

    Power Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Update

    In today’s post we’ll discuss Power Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Update. Things revolving 50 Cent’s popular Netflix and Starz series revolving the life of British, psychopathic, violence-ridden, gangster mafioso Ghost are quite stirred up after a controversial leak on a crucial scene that nobody expected, spoiling things for a bunch of people, but that […] More

  • Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 Episode 5

    Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 Episode 4

    Today we’ll be talking about Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 2 episode 4. For the most infamous bunch that ever saw the state of New Jersey and its followers, things get even more complicated after a vacation show. This week we get to see Ron and Jen screaming at each other, Jersey Shore style, so […] More

  • Power Season 5 Finale-Episode 10(When This Is Over)

    Power Season 5 Episode 10 – Season Finale Update

    A lot of people are excited about the fifth season’s finale of the Starz network original series “Power” which revolves the trials and tribulations of murderous, psychotic, brutish, and devilishly inventive James St. Patrick, also known as Ghost. Who tries to leave behind his hustling, drug dealing, blood-soaked criminal life and launder his money and […] More

  • American Horror Story Season 8

    AHS Season 8 ‘Apocalypse’ Update And Release Details

    Today we’ll be talking about AHS Season 8 Apocalypse Release Date as FX’s hit horror show is coming back for an eighth season series. With each year, this show and its creators manages to shock us in awe of some sick, evil, perverted, twisted madness and we should not expect any different from this upcoming […] More

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    When Does Captain Marvel Release?

    Fans all around the world have one big question on their mind, What Is Captain Marvel Release Date. Captain Marvel is on its way to the big screen, and it’s becoming the most anticipated movie of next year. And it should come to us as no shocker because it was meant to premiere this year […] More

  • Always Sunny Season 13 Release Date, Plot

    Always Sunny Season 13 Release Date, Plot

    Today we’ll be talking about Always Sunny Season 13 Release Date and what to expect from the show. The thirteenth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is coming in 2018. This series ended in a rather sober way in its twelfth season with Dennis walking away from the group and the town in order […] More

  • Power Season 5 Episode 10 Leaked

    Power Season 5 Episode 10 Leaked And Starz Blames 50 Cent

    Power Season 5 Episode 10 Leaked, and probably somebody lost their job. Our man Ghost has to deal with people snitching on him both in the series and in the real world. Because four days before the TV debut of this action-packed black mafioso drama that runs on the Starz network, a crucial scene has […] More

  • Keeping Faith Season 2 Release Date, And Plot

    ‘Keeping Faith Season 2’ Release Date, And Plot

    Today let’s talk about Keeping Faith Season 2 release date, cast, and plot. After the smash hit of the BBC series aired on BBC iPlayer Keeping Faith questions arise on whether or not there will be a second season. After eight episodes come to an end, viewers worldwide ask the question, this Welsh dramatic series which […] More