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  • Douglas Bullet

    ‘One Piece’ Reveals Douglas Bullet’s Paramecia Devil Fruit

    Douglas Bullet is the main antagonist of the movie that will be coming out on 09 August 2019 One Piece Stampede. He is the former crew member of Pirate King Gol D Roger. In the recent issue, more details about this antagonist of One Piece Stampede were revealed. Among these details were Douglas Bullet’s history […] More

  • new all might smash

    New All Might Smash Revealed in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Manga

    Not many are familiar with My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga. It is a spin-off manga of My Hero Academia main manga. This manga was launched in 2016 September it is based on the past events which have taken place before the start of the story of the main manga. In the main storyline, All Might […] More

  • WWE Stomping Grounds matches

    WWE Stomping Grounds: Confirmed Matches

    After one of the biggest pay per view shows is Saudi Arabia which was called WWE Super Showdown, a new pay per view show has already been announced. This one is known as WWE Stomping Grounds. This show will be aired live just after two weeks gap between the last and the new pay per […] More

  • Boruto Chapter 35

    Boruto Manga Reveals Kaguya Otsutsuki’s Partner

    Boruto Naruto Next Generations manga just stepped the foot hard on the gas. The chapter is clearly a piece of art. No one expected what we saw in this chapter. There were rumours that Boruto manga will from next month be a bi-monthly manga but those were false. One news is confirmed that Boruto manga […] More

  • Zack Snyder

    Zack Snyder Gives a Nod to Robert Pattinson as New Caped Crusader

    Reports of Robert Pattinson being cast as next Batman has been flooding the internet and fans seem to be quite approving of the choice and it seems like the director Zack Snyder has given a green signal to Pattinson as next Batman. The news was initially believed to be a ridiculous rumour until Warner Bros […] More

  • wano arc trailer

    Wano Country Arc Trailer Release By Funimation

    One Piece anime is about to enter its most interesting arc. Oda himself has revealed way earlier that the Wano country war will be the biggest war seen in the One Piece universe. It is going to be way bigger than the Marineford arc. Wano is known as the land of samurai and is not […] More

  • One punch man episode 21

    One Punch Man Episode 21 New Air Date Confirmed

    Hey you all! For those of you who would have been seriously wondering where is the latest One Punch Man season 2 episode, this post is for you only. As we know One Punch Man season 2 episode 9 or One Punch Man episode 21 was scheduled to be released on 04 June 2019 but […] More

  • Dr Stone anime premiere

    Dr. Stone Anime Reveals 2019 Premiere Date

    Dr. Stone is a scientific class manga, one feels like he’s taking classes of science while also battling calamities of life. It could be a good way to teach science to kids. Jokes apart this manga has made immense strides to glory in the last year. Dr. Stone manga was launched back in 2017 and […] More

  • Evan peter

    Evan Peter’s Will Not Be Part of American Horror Story Season 9

    Evan Peters while on the red carpet at Wondercon told media that he won’t be a part of “American Horror Story” season 9. It’s pretty shocking and disturbing for fans to even digest that they won’t see him in season 9. This is being considered a huge deal and the news itself is being hyped […] More