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  • Super namekian god


    Super Namekian God In Dragon Ball Super

    So as we all know in Dragon Ball Super the biggest impact in the series so far is the introduction to the God’s of Destruction, the Angel’s and the Super Saiyan God transformation. What about Super Namekian God? Another huge impact in the series was the introduction of the Super Dragon Balls and the infinite power […]

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    14 Most Popular Fighters In Tournament of Power – Ranked

    As the action in the Tournament of Power begins to increase, and time is counting down we have been treated to some amazing fights, but more interestingly new, and amazing characters! Even tho were only 9 episodes in to all the action of the Tournament of Power, this is our list for the Top 14 […]

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    What Really Happened To The Grand Priest and Angel In The Future – Explained

    Ever since the Goku Black/Future Trunks Arc when Goku Black and Zamasu told Goku and the other’s that they themselves single handedly killed the God’s of Destruction there has been many questions left unexplained and debate surrounding this. In this Article I’m going to give you all some insight as to what may of happened […]

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    Whis Lied To Everyone In Dragon Ball Super

    Everyone in the Dragon Ball Community has been going crazy ever since Whis before the Tournament of Power said that there is a Mortal in one of the other Universes that even a God of Destruction cannot defeat, Now what if we apply from what we know about these Entities and what they have done […]

  • Erased universe dragon ball super


    The Real Reason Why Erased Universe Are Probably Gonna Stay Erased

    As we all know that the one thing the participants are trying to avoid is being eliminated and having their Universe Destroyed. The biggest theory circling the Dragon Ball Community when it comes to being erased is that someone will use the Super Dragon Balls to bring the previous Universes that were erased back. In […]

  • Goku vs Jiren episode date


    Goku vs Jiren Episode Date and Goku’s New Transformation SPOILERS

    Everyone is talking about 2 major things in Dragon Ball Super and the Tournament of Power. That’s Goku vs Jiren and Goku’s new Transformation. In this Article I will give you some information on both Goku vs Jiren’s match starting and when you can expect to see Goku’s new Transformation. So let’s talk about it! […]

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    Is This Universe 7 Character Going To Die In Dragon Ball Super

    As we all know that one of the biggest rules that the participants in the Tournament of Power are focusing on is that no killing is allowed. We also know accidents happen and also there’s the possibility of using all your energy up completely beyond exhaustion. So what if something like this were to happen […]

  • dragon ball super


    8+ Character That Needs More Time In Tournament Of Power

    We have seen a lot of action and character development already in the Tournament of Power. There’s been episode after episode of different character development from Caulifla leaning more about the Super Saiyan Transformation, to Master Roshi finally being able to withstand the distraction of a woman. With everything that we’ve seen are there some […]

  • Dragon ball super vegeta vs jiren


    Something Big Is Coming Up In Dragon Ball Super

    So with the show being in the Survival Arc focusing on the Tournament of Power, could there be something bigger coming up in the future or possibly during the Tournament? Seeing how the Tournament of Power is to date the biggest spectacle Dragon Ball has ever done in it’s series entirety, the question is what […]