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    Cheating Is Allowed In Tournament of Power In Dragon Ball Super

    Back when the Great Priest went around to each Universe to relay the rules of the Tournament, we saw our God of Destruction Beerus, Angel Attendant Whis, and Supreme Kai, and even Elder Kai hold the rules in such high regard. It seemed that the rules were cemented in stone, and nothing could bend or […]

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    What Episode Tournament of Power Will Possibly End – Explained

    When the Tournament of Power Arc was announced and we finally found out what was happening in the Tournament of Power such as 10 Warriors from 8 Universes participating, everyone was left with the same question: How long will the Tournament and the Survival Arc be? In this Article I’m going to talk about some […]

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    The REAL reason the Tournament of Power started

    When the Tournament of Power was first mentioned we had no idea what the stakes would be for the Tournament. It seemed like it was going to be a really big Tournament with other Universes and the winner gets the Super Dragon Balls, and bragging rights (and maybe training with the Great Priest I know […]

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    Why Everyone Is Doubting The Prince of All Saiyans?

    Ever since the intro and Outro to the Tournament of Power was updated and Krillin, then Tien were eliminated everyone jumped on the “Vegeta is being eliminated next” bandwagon. In this Article, I’m going to outline some reasons why everyone is doubting Vegeta’s role in the Tournament of Power, and why he won’t be eliminated […]

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    The Ultimate Betrayal In Dragon Ball Super

    Once everyone gathered and got ready for the Tournament of Power there was a very interesting moment that has yet to have any development on, till now! As the Universe’s gathered Frieza from our Universe came across Frost from Universe 6, and at first glance seemed like they were making a pact to create a […]

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    Son Gohan’s True Power In Dragon Ball Super

    Back before the Tournament Gohan fans FINALLY got what we all wanted, and that was Gohan to get his “fighting spirit” back and to start having a hand in fights and battles again. Seeing this sparked a lot of questions and mystery around Gohan. From how strong is he now? Is Gohan weaker or more […]

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    Are These Characters Going To Fuse In Tournament of Power?

    Since the Tournament of Power was announced people have been wondering if Fusion is allowed during the Tournament. If Goku’s new Transformation isn’t enough for Jiren what else can Goku and the other’s do to ensure our Universe wins? In this Article I’m going to break down the mystery of Fusion in the Tournament of […]