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  • Dragon Ball Super episode 108

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    DBS Episode 113 Fighting Maniac, Saiyan Battle Possible Spoilers

    These are the days, that us fans in the Dragon Ball Community love! Those are the days we get leaks/spoilers! If your anything like me, you love when these leaks/spoilers come out so you can start guessing and thinking about what’s to come! In the recent leaks/spoilers there is an episode titled “Fighting Maniac, Saiyan […]

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    Vegeta’s Major Battle In Upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episode

    With recent Spoilers released, it seems like Vegeta fans may finally get what they have been waiting for all along. That is Vegeta to finally have his moment to shine, and to have some of the spotlight! (Just not all of it). The second episode after October’s big 1 Hour Special, is titled “Vegeta’s Resolve”, […]

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    The Most Unexpected Ending of Tournament Of Power

    The biggest part, and meaning of the Tournament of Power is the fact that 7 Universe’s and it’s inhabitants will be erased completely without question besides the Angel Attendant. Is this really how its all going to end? Are Universe’s like Universe 6, and Universe 11 really going to be erased at the end of […]

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    Is Goku Really Going To Win Tournament Of Power? – Let’s Talk

    One of the biggest things to happen in the world of Dragon Ball was when the Tournament of Power was announced! It was something unprecedented, and something that has never been done before to this scale previously. It seemed quite frankly, almost impossible! Having 10 fighters from 8 Universe’s, 80 characters fighting all at once. […]

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    Gohan vs Frieza and Frost, Next Major Battle?

    In the latest episode’s preview showed what seemed to be a big show down between Gohan vs Frieza and Frost. Now I’m sure a lot of people are wondering why Frieza decided to turn on Universe 7 so quickly, and why someone like Gohan? Well it seems like it may be backwards. It seems Gohan […]

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    Frieza’s Fate In Tournament of Power

    I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was completely shocked when Goku thought of Frieza for the 10th spot for the Universe 7 team for the Tournament of Power. Frieza is a character who you can really only count on 1 thing from.. Chaos! So knowing who Frieza is as a character, what could […]

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    Cheating Is Allowed In Tournament of Power In Dragon Ball Super

    Back when the Great Priest went around to each Universe to relay the rules of the Tournament, we saw our God of Destruction Beerus, Angel Attendant Whis, and Supreme Kai, and even Elder Kai hold the rules in such high regard. It seemed that the rules were cemented in stone, and nothing could bend or […]

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    What Episode Tournament of Power Will Possibly End – Explained

    When the Tournament of Power Arc was announced and we finally found out what was happening in the Tournament of Power such as 10 Warriors from 8 Universes participating, everyone was left with the same question: How long will the Tournament and the Survival Arc be? In this Article I’m going to talk about some […]

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    The REAL reason the Tournament of Power started

    When the Tournament of Power was first mentioned we had no idea what the stakes would be for the Tournament. It seemed like it was going to be a really big Tournament with other Universes and the winner gets the Super Dragon Balls, and bragging rights (and maybe training with the Great Priest I know […]