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    Deleted Scene From Last DBS Episode 110

    As if Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 wasn’t amazing enough, it seems there were some deleted scenes! Could these be clues hinting a little too much as to what’s going to happen in the Tournament of Power that the writers didn’t want us to see? It seems that two characters were paying a little more […]

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    What Is Frieza Going To Do To Goku – Explained

    Aside from the epic battle between Goku and Jiren, finally seeing a little of what Jiren is capable of besides a little Ki blast, and seeing this Ultra Instinct Technique Goku pulled out of nowhere. One of the shocking things to happen in the back to back episodes was the end of Episode 110 when […]

  • u6 namekians

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    No One Noticed U6 Namekians In The Last Dragon Ball Super Episode

    The latest back to back episodes was mainly focused on Goku vs Jiren, and the power that Jiren has, and also Goku’s new power as well! It was a huge moment in the Dragon Ball Community when Goku was able to use the “Ultra Instinct” technique and seeing the reactions from the God’s to Goku’s […]

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    Confirmed: Who Is Stronger, 17 or 18?

    One of the biggest “back and forth’s” in the Dragon Ball Community was “who is stronger 17 or 18?”. For a while, we were made to believe 18 was stronger than her brother 17! We were told all throughout Dragon Ball Z, and even though Dragon Ball Super. From 18 being the last to be […]

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    One Universe Cheated In Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110

    With the Tournament of Power going on it seems the Dragon Ball Community is split on what their focused on. Some are focused on action, some on story, some on the rules and if their really being followed., No matter where you fall I think we can all agree that this weeks 2 part episode […]

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    Why Jiren Wants The Super Dragon Balls – Explained

    In the recent 2 part episode Jiren vs Goku part 1 and 2 something came to light that a lot of us may not of thought of.. Toppo announced that Jiren is fighting not just for the survival of his Universe but also to claim the Super Dragon Balls for himself! Now why would Jiren […]

  • dbz voice actor passes away

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    Dragon Ball Voice Actor Passes Away At The Age Of 89

    It is a sad day in the Dragon Ball Community as we lose yet another member of what made this community so great! Ryuji Saikachi the voice of the Grand Kai in the Japanese Version of Dragon Ball Z and in Fukkatsu no Fusion!! Goku to Vegeta, has passed away at the age of 89! […]