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    Luffy Just Used A Totally New Ability In The Latest Chapter

    Hey guys. One Piece chapter 895 is out and I highly recommend reading it before you start to read this post. This post contains spoilers from the latest One Piece chapter. If you don’t care about the spoilers then do continue by all means. Now let’s begin. The chapter started from we had left. Katakuri […] More

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    One Piece 895, Luffy’s Snakeman New Form Photo Revealed

    Hey guys. The spoilers for One Piece 895 are out. Fans have been waiting anxiously for the release of the spoilers for the new chapter. But, we have the spoilers now and I can say that the Spoilers are quite amazing. In the previous chapter, we saw Luffy and Katakuri continuing their fight. Luffy got […] More

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    Something No One Noticed About Jiren’s Past

    Hey guys. Jiren’s backstory has left us with more questions than answers. People have started comparing Jiren to the famous DC hero, Batman, who lost his parents. The interesting thing is that Jiren doesn’t have true friends like Goku does. For this reason, we have to go back to the Saiyan Saga. At this time, […] More

  • One Piece Manga Chapter 895 Spoilers

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    One Piece Manga Chapter 895 Spoilers

    Hey guys. All of us have been waiting to get our hands on the spoilers for the latest chapter of One Piece, and now we have finally got our hands on the Spoilers. The spoilers are rather amazing as we all had expected. Picking up from the chapter from last week, One Piece continued to […] More

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    DBS Teases The Ending Of The Tournament of Power

    Hey guys. I’m here with rather interesting news about the ending of the Tournament of Power. We don’t have any time before the curtains come down on the much awaited conclusion of the Tournament of Power. We are down to the final two Universes in the Tournament of power. Universe seven and Universe eleven have […] More

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    One Major Detail That You Missed About Jiren’s Teacher

    Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super’s most recent episode was quite a thrilling one. In the episode, we finally got to see the origins of Jiren from Universe 11. Almost all of us were waiting for the backstory of the new fan favourite. We were hoping that after getting to know the Pride Trooper better, a […] More

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    One Yonko Level Character You Don’t Know About

    Hey guys. One Piece is full of a huge variety of characters. They range from the strongest beings such as the Yonkou to the lowly Higuma. Not all of the Characters are ranked properly and there are many such characters who would love to be ranked properly. This would also make things easier for the […] More

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    The Secret Member Of The Revolutionary Army

    Hey guys. The Revolutionary Army is one of the biggest organizations in the world. They are hated by the World Government as they are the biggest threat to their dominance. The World Government has been kept on their toes by the Revolutionary Army for quite some time now. The Revolutionary Army was created by Monkey […] More