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    Leaked DBS Spoilers: Unleash The Mind And Body

    Hey guys. I have some absolutely stunning news for you guys. Just a few minutes ago. Before you go any further look at this tweet— “DBS Episode 123 provitional title “Unleash the entire power of mind and body!” —@KenXyro I can barely control my excitement as this episode is just after the Vegeta episode, which […]

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    Dragon Ball Anime Team Lied To Everyone

    Hey guys. It’s not very often that you see an anime team changing the design of a character completely. Well in case of Dragon Ball Super it has already happened. If you have observed the recent episode carefully then you would know who I am talking about. I’m talking about one of the fighters from […]

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    DBS Episode 122 Spoilers

    Hey guys. Today was another big day in Dragon Ball Super and its Tournament of Power. We witnessed the elimination of another universe from the Tournament of Power. In the previous episode, there was there was the elimination of Universe 2 and Universe 6. In today’s episode, it was the turn of Universe 4 to […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Erased Universes, Another Dimension – EP 119

    Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 is out, you can watch it if you want to. So, let’s focus on our topic, which is the possibility of another dimension. The whole thing is quite intriguing. So without further ado let’s begin. So in this episode, there was the erasure of another universe. Namely Universe […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Leaked Photos

    Hey guys. The photos from the next episode of Dragon Ball Super are out! Almost every week we get to see four photos of the next episode, and this week isn’t any different from the precious ones. So let’s get straight into the breakdown of the photos. The first is of Vegeta going Super Saiyan. […]

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    5 Reasons Why Dragon Ball Super Manga Is Better Than The Anime

    Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super manga and anime like two entirely different worlds. Fans are sometimes confused what to focus on the manga or the anime. As of now the fans mostly prefer to watch the anime instead of reading the manga. However in fact it should be the opposite as Dragon Ball Super is […]

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    Why Vegeta vs Jiren Won’t Happen— Explained

    Hey guys. After the recent release of the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super, fans have been excited to see a possible Jiren vs Vegeta, which might happen in Dragon Ball Super Episode 122. If the title means anything, it hints at the fight between Vegeta and the strongest fighter in the Tournament of Power, which […]

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    Top 10 WEAKEST Shinobi in Naruto – UPDATED 2017

    Every now and then you see lists about the strongest characters in a particular series. But no one ever talks about the weakest characters, well because they are weak. However today I have made a list which contains the weakest characters in the Naruto series. 10. Nawaki- Nawaki was the younger brother of Tsunade Senju. […]