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  • My Hero Academia Manga On Hiatus
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    My Hero Academia Manga On Hiatus

    My Hero Academia, the next generation of anime and manga following the last “Big 3.” In terms of the next “Big 3,” My Hero Academia is trying to obtain that spot as Shueisha pushes that advertisement towards Japan and the rest of the globe. However there are rough times as demand becomes more popular, and […] More

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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 New Characters DLC

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is still creeping as it remains one of Dragon Ball’s most popular games, mainly for its vast character customization feature. Apart from that, the game is still supported by fans and the developers listen to the feedback. As developers see the dedication from the fans, then it means they can offer […] More

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    Dragon Ball Fighter Z New Original Female Revealed

    It was revealed lately in the recent scans of V – Jump magazine as well as a teaser trailer for the story of Dragon Ball Fighter Z that the addition of a brand new character will appear! This character will be an exclusive character to Dragon Ball Fighter Z as Akira Toriyama supervised the design […] More

  • Golden Frieza Joins Dokkan Battle
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    Golden Frieza Joins Dokkan Battle

    V – Jump magazine keeps delivering content and we are here to present it to you! Today we have content news for Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle! Just like from the Dragon Ball Super anime as well as the Resurrection F movie, Golden Frieza makes his grand debut in Dokkan Battle! As described on the scan […] More

  • Attack Titan 2 : Details Story World Mode
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    Attack On Titan 2 : Details Of Story And World Mode

    First and foremost the following information is for Attack On Titan 2 ; Future Coordinates for the Nintendo 3DS and not Attack On Titan 2 for consoles. Now that has been said, Famitsu presented the public with a two page scan showcasing new information for Attack On Titan 2 : Future Coordinates! Judging from the […] More

  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Adds Female Saiyans Toppo!
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    Super Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Adds Female Saiyans And Toppo!

    V – Jump magazine is on fire and its seems the Dragon Ball franchise just keeps getting more and more content! This time however, we will be discussing brand new content for Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade! In the recent release of V – Jump magazine, characters such as Kale, Caulifla and Toppo (from the Dragon Ball […] More

  • Naruto Boruto Voltage Blazing Scan
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    Naruto to Boruto Voltage And Blazing New Scan Reveals Boss Battles

    Anime gaming has expanded over the past couple of years thanks to the multiple platforms that developers have to work on. Thanks to this, the announcement of two other brand new Naruto games are being created other than Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker! So if Shinobi Striker isn’t your cup of ramen, then you can […] More

  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z Alternative Story Hinted By Scan?
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    Dragon Ball Fighter Z Alternative Story Hinted By Scan?

    As we have known from many of the previous Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z games of our lifetime, they have all had the tradition of giving us a story mode that follows the anime. From the very beginning of Playstation one, Gameboy, DS, whatever console you prefer, there has always been a story mode […] More

  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z Confirms 10 Stages
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    Dragon Ball Fighter Z Confirms 10 Stages

    Famously known Japanese Website (Famitsu) interviewed the Producer (Tomoko Hiroki) for Dragon Ball Fighter Z as well as the Director (Junya Motomura). Hiroki and Motomura are employees at Arc System Works (the company developing Dragon Ball Fighter Z). In this interview, Hiroki and Motomura revealed that Dragon Ball Fighter Z was inspired from the game, Dragon Ball […] More