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    New DBS 116 Spoilers: Jiren Fights Back

    Goku vs. Jiren was one of the most amazing fights that we have seen so far in Dragon Ball Super. We saw Son Goku, take his power to new heights with Ultra Instinct Mode. Although it wasn’t enough to take down Universe 11’s Jiren, Goku survived and was even given some energy by his long-time […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Just Teased New Fusion

    The description of episode 115 piqued plenty of attention. You can check out the review of “Goku vs. Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!” “Fighting Universe 7’s Goku, Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale use the “Potara” earrings that Kaioshin’s wear to merge. In Goku vs. Kefla,” Kefla overwhelms him with miraculous power. Observing this, the people from […]

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    Why Goku Won’t Be The Last Man Standing From Universe 7

    Universe 7 is one of the most dominant Universes in the Tournament of Power, and along with Universe 6 and Universe 11. Universe 7 has many fitted contestants left. 1. Android 17 2. Android 18 3. Vegeta 4. Son Goku 5. Son Gohan 6. Frieza 7. Piccolo To guarantee their survival, they have to knock out […]

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    One Piece Spoilers Just Revealed The Results Of Luffy vs Katakuri

    Previously Katakuri had controlled the fight in the mirror world, with Luffy looking likely to lose with almost any real resistance. Katakuri has better Armament Haki, his devil fruit is more versatile and awakened and to exceed it off, his Observation Haki is leagues beyond Luffy. So, what will happen in Chapter 885 – [SPOILERS] […]

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    The Real Super Saiyan God Design Revealed

    Super Saiyan God is one of the most popular form in Dragon Ball Super. We got our hands on the details of original Super Saiyan God design. Super Saiyan God Akira Toriyama Design:- Hair being pushed slightly up by a purple-red highlight Eyes are sharper, somewhat different retinas with purple-reddish in color. His body built becomes […]

  • Kefla dragon ball super

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    Kefla Is In Trouble: Potara Fusion’s Biggest Disadvantage

    The Potara earrings are actually only for Supreme Kais, and Mortals like Goku and Vegeta should not even be allowed to use them. They used them in the Buu saga to defeat Super Buu because they weren’t also barely strong enough to beat him and also the Old Kai didn’t know any other way. Before […]

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    One Warrior Who Is Hiding His Real Power

    If you have been Watching the Dragon Ball Series, you know the latest arc is showing some crazy action. The ‘Tournament of Power’ arc started back in February. With new characters and villains being introduced each episode, Dragon Ball fans are already looking forward to what is to come. Universe 4 has been entirely laid […]