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    DBS All Universe Symbols With Their Name/Meaning

    The GodPad is a tablet used by the two Zenos to keep track of competitors that get knocked out of the fighting arena during the Tournament of Power. These GodPads allow Zeno Sama to pick fighters out of the battle arena and check them out. Once all ten warriors of a universe eliminated, this one declared […] More

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    Return of Nightmare Luffy Against Kaido – Theory

    One of the notable things from the Thriller Bark arc was Luffy’s Nightmare Transformation. It was the form that Luffy took after receiving 100 shadows that Lola and her crew accomplished to “acquire.” In this form, Luffy grew several times bigger, faster and much stronger. In the Nightmare form, he managed to beat Oars little […] More

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    [SPOILERS] Possible Elimination In Episode 124

    The final battle in Universe 7 and Universe 11 already started in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. The latest episode mostly focused on the fight between Vegeta and Jiren. As Goku and Vegeta face Jiren, Frieza is currently dealing with the fastest warrior in all the universes, Dyspo. Despite having an advantage regarding battle […] More

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    Top 10 Awakened Devil Fruits In One Piece 2018

    Devil Fruits are assumed to be the fruits of the Sea Devil and that the mystery of their power is covered in the Grand Line.Devil Fruit powers can, on rare occasions, be “awakened,” increasing the capabilities of the user. The details of how a Fruit can be awakened are so far unexplained, but the improved […] More

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    Chapter 891 Spoilers Indicated At Luffy’s Next Power-Up

    One Piece Manga has been concentrating on the Thousand Sunny as of lately, but we should prepare for a change when it returns this week. Spoilers for the manga’s chapter 891 have made the rounds with fans, and one blurb gives the specific nod to Luffy. According to the spoilers, Luffy will resume his battle […] More

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    One Piece Creator Eiichiro Oda’s Home, Wealth and Net Worth

    Eiichiro Oda is a Japanese manga writer, best known for his manga series One Piece. With 430 million copies in distribution worldwide, One Piece is the top-selling manga series of all time. The series’ reputation resulted in his holding named one of the manga artists that shaped the history of manga. So, really, it should […] More

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    ‘One Piece’ 7 Characters Who Are Ready To Die For Luffy

    This list includes the character who doesn’t fear to give up their life for Luffy. [Excluding Straw hat pirates] 7. Monkey D. Garp Garp looks proud when Luffy performs outrageous acts. He cares for his grandson’s well-being. When Luffy was on the verge of saving Ace, Garp blocked him and declined to move, telling his […] More

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    7 Underworld Brokers You Didn’t Know About In One Piece

    In the series, the brokers concentrated on are underworld dealers, trading in illegal goods such as slaves of different species, highly priced products, or weapons of mass destruction.  Brokers A broker is an individual or a party who makes an illegal transaction or dealing with others. Joker Donquixote Doflamingo, the most influential underworld broker under […] More