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    Universe 4’s Secret Weapon That Will Cause Big Trouble To Everyone

    During the span of time leading up to the Tournament of power, Universe 4’s God of Destruction was very active. Quitela turned Universe 9 to attack Frieza before the Tournament of Power, as well as try and convince the other universes to team-up upon Universe 7. However, since that point, Universe 4 has been entirely […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed A New Rule That Will Change ToP

    In the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super Episode 115, we saw an outstanding battle of Saiyans Goku Vs. Kefla. During the fight Goku Vs. Kefla Grand Priest stated that Potara Fusion is allowed.      Why Zeno-Sama allowed Potara Earrings? I think the best answer to this would be that anything that Zeno finds amusing […]

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    One Universe Is Hiding A Triple-Fusion Warrior Right In Front Of Our Eyes

    Beerus accuses Champa of cheating, and the Universe 6 god tells Beerus he can do the same thing. Zeno’s enjoyment replaces the rules in place, Potara earrings will be okay since will only be assumed as “cool.” Then Grand Priest says fusions are allowed. Beerus freaks out and removes the Supreme Kai’s Potara earrings from […]

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    Can Brook Really Die? – Explained

    Brook is the musician of the Mugiwara Pirates and Creator of Skull Jokes. He is a skeleton that the Luffy found on board of a ghost ship after drifting into the Florian Triangle. He is a Devil Fruit user who ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, and is undead, having been brought back into a […]

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    DBS Ep 115: Super Saiyan Berserk Kefla, Android 17 and SSB Goku

    Dragon Ball Super and its forthcoming episodes guarantee another exciting series of events for the current saga, the Tournament of Power. Dragon Ball Super episode 115 is titled, Caulifla and Kale Fused: Super Saiyan Blue Defeated!? Universe 6’s Kale and Caulifla merge with Potara. Pronouncing themselves “Kefla,” they start to go on a rampage. Though […]

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    New and Updated – Top 10 Strongest Warriors In Tournament Of Power

    This Tournament of Power has shown us the true meaning of what is to be like holding Godly powers. Despite this, the Saga is meant to be finding out strongest elites warrior from each Universe. Here are, Tournament of Power’s Top 10 most Strongest Fighters. Note: This list is based on actions performed by warriors […]

  • Who Is Getting Eliminated From Universe 7


    DBS Viewers Votes Who Is Getting Eliminated From Universe 7

    Dragon Ball Super 119, titled “A New Sacrifice from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!!!,” reveals a possibility that one of Universe 7’s fighter will be disqualified in the Tournament. Dragon Ball Super has continued unpredictable with its contents and twisted up to this date. In the current state of the Tournament of Power, it […]

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    Revealed: How Beerus Was Supposed To Look Before They Changed It

    Beerus is a Hakaishin, who destroys planets to make room for new ones, and balances out the Gods of Creation, the Kais. He is one of the entire powerful beings in the entirety of Universe 7, feared by even the Kaioshins. Beerus appearance is that of a purple, catlike with a humanoid build. Perched atop his […]

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    New Ranking – All God Of Destruction Ranked Based On Power

    The Gods of Destruction, also recognized as Destroyers, are deities who destroy threats that put at risk the development of their respective universes. There is a Destroyer for each of the twelve universes introduced in Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Super has a complicated Power-scale, and it only gets worse when the Gods of Destruction […]

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    Unexpected Twist, Universe 6 Gets Erased?

    Out of all the participating universes, two of them are already erased. These are Universes Nine and Universe Ten. According to Spoilers, another Universe is about to be erased from the Tournament of Power. However, I believe Universe 6 is Going to be Erased in Episode 118. Universe 6 is the replica universe of Universe 7, being the […]