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    The Fabulous Frieza Meme Montage After Episode 108

    Episode 108 of Dragon Ball Super was just finished and it gave us a wonderful Frieza to enjoy until the end of time. This is the first time Frieza actually helped a Saiyan, an unlikely event to happen. And he did his acting fabulously, no one can beat him on mind games. Though no one […]

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    Universe 6’s One Member Just Got Erased In Dragon Ball Super

    The last episode of Dragon Ball Super was an episode full of nervous anticipation. First, the anticipation of what will be Gohan’s fate against Frieza and Frost. And the second anticipation cane from the mystery of who will be the one to be eliminated. Frieza’s betrayal was an unimaginable one, but he was successful in […]

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    What We Learned From Dragon Ball Super Episode 108

    Episode 108 of Dragon Ball Super titled “Frieza and Frost: Conjoined Malice?!” featured the two ice-jins from Universe 6 and Universe 7. It was learned that Frieza was meant to betray Frost from the start. In the end, Frost met his doom when he was blinded by his own anger. Here are the other things […]

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    Something Terrible Happens To Goku In The Next Dragon Ball Super Episode

    The Tournament of Power is gearing up with Jiren vs. Goku match. If there’s someone who could stand against Jiren’s colossal Ki, that would be Goku. Besides, the Earth Saiyan would have another form that he will exhibit during the tournament. Everyone is very excited to see the Limit Breaker form that is said to […]

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    How Beerus Almost Destroyed The Whole Multiverse

    Beerus might be the most powerful God of Destruction in the multiverse, but he has a reason to achieve that power. He was currently the most hated God of Destruction in the whole multiverse. Beerus is quite the troublemaker of the group. There are reasons why other Gods of Destruction hates him. To avoid bullying […]

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    8 Mortals That Already Surpassed Most of The Gods Of Destruction

    Mortals VS Gods, these are the most spectacular battles in the Dragon Ball Super. There is always that charm when a mortal would hold his ground against a God of Destruction. But mortals in could surpass the Gods, and it has been seen in the Dragon Ball Multiverse. Now that we have a clearer benchmark […]

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    COD WWII’s Newest Trailer Has A Scene And Everyone Missed It

    The new trailer of COD World War 2 has been released and it shows the game’s great graphics and more. With scenes full of gunfire and explosions, you will get enough of the action that you crave for. The trailer seems like your typical World War II game. But in the middle of the trailer, […]