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    Something Everyone Missed About Whis In Latest Episode

    Since Dragon Ball Super has introduced the Angels and Gods of Destruction, the landscape of the series was changed forever. Angels are introduced as powerful beings with a wide array of knowledge because of their long existence on the DB multiverse. Because of this, they are mostly indifferent to the surroundings and in the people […]

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    Jiren’s Own Over-powered Meme Montage

    Before you can have your own meme, you must have to do something very ridiculous, funny, amazing, or just simply badass. But you know, Jiren is just so overpowered that he doesn’t need to do any of these things. And just like his overwhelming power, his overwhelming memes comes naturally. Folks from Facebook page “Goku” […]

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    Dragon Ball Super EP 116: Jiren Awakens, Is He Afraid Of Goku?

    The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super has shown Kefla’s power that terrifies even the Gods of Destruction. It was so huge that Kefla’s Kiai was as strong as the impact of Jiren’s sudden punch to Maji Kayo. Kefla’s power was even enough to make Jiren’s eyes twitch during his meditation. If Goku is eliminated and […]

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    Five Things That Always Fails In Dragon Ball Series

    The Dragon Ball Series has introduced a lot of concepts, characters and attacks in the past, and even now in Dragon Ball Super. We are given new characters and attacks in almost every arc, while not really letting the old ones left forgotten. With that said, the Dragon Ball has one of the biggest fanbases […]

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    Universe 6’s Greatest Mistake: Kefla’s Biggest Weakness

    The Potara Fusion has thrown a big impact in the Tournament of Power. Even the other Gods of Destruction with their Gods of Creations, will going to consider lending Potara Earrings to their warriors. Kefla’s power is undeniably great, as she caught Goku off-guard in basically his fastest form with her speed. That actually says […]

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    Akira Toriyama Totally Forget About An Important Thing Again

    Akira Toriyama might be well known for three things, his Dragon Ball series, the vast war of Canons from fans, and his inconsistent and forgetful mind. Just like what he said in an interview once, Toyotaro knows more about Dragon Ball series than him. And it with memory lapses that even caused Super Saiyan 2 […]

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    Confirmed: Ultra Instinct ‘OMEN’ Returns To Fight [Spoiler]

    Since Goku’s Ultra Instinct was introduced in the Tournament of Power, everyone seem to want Goku in that state again. We just can’t help ourselves to disagree on Whis’ statement that it is impossible for Goku to achieve that state again. And because of this, we just really want Goku to beat the heck out […]