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    There is something really really wrong about Jiren

    You read the title right, there is something really really wrong about Jiren. It is not his unbelievable display of power or his doubtful membership in the Pride Troopers. It is not even the way how he saves his speech, which seems to be more effective than how I save my salary. It is not […]

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    The Fusion Is Really Bad In The Tournament Of Power

    The Potara earrings is a boring pair of gem that is usually seen worn by the Kais. But when humans wore this thing, especially Goku and Vegeta, something explosive will happen. A fusion character will be born that will be even more powerful than the individuals who fused. The Potara earrings is simply one of […]

  • Super Saiyan

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    Akira Toriyama Reveals Why He Created Super Saiyan Form

    From Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super, one of the most ancient and still seen transformations that can be achieved by Saiyans is the Super Saiyan transformation. The transformation is one of the weakest transformation these days, but back in the day of unending filler episodes and unnecessary zoo-ins, Super Saiyan transformation is the […]

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    The Fighter That Will Wake Jiren Again In Dragon Ball Super!

    The Tournament of Power is now half-over, which is symbolized by the change of the background from black to green.But like any other tournaments, the most exciting things will only come after the half of participants are down. The Tournament of Power is not an exception, but it seems to be not the case for […]

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    Where Are These Dragon Ball Things Right Now?

    The Dragon Ball Universe has a lot of characters and a lot of “items” which revolves around the story of all characters. Dragon Ball franchise also has a lot of characters, from major characters such as Goku and from the minor characters like Gohan’s robot friend from one of the filler episodes. There are times […]

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    Is Vegeta Going To Lose This Battle? – Explained

    There seems to be a big commotion right now as Dragon Ball Super is getting another fusion character by Kale and Caulifla. This is also the first time that female characters will do a fusion, and even with a Potara Earrings. This is also an indication that even in the other Universes, fusion is a thing […]

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    Vegito VS Gogeta: Who Is Better In The Tournament Of Power?

    Because of Kale and Caulifla’s fusion in the near future, the concept of fusion is once again the talk of the town in Dragon Ball Super. Kefura, the fusion character that will be the result of their fusion will be hitting our screens in the next episode. Everyone is hyped to know that the usage […]

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    Vegeta Might Get A New Transformation – Not Ultra Instinct

    It might not seem like it is the case, but Vegeta is running for the MVP in the Tournament of Power for Universe 7. Compared to other players, he has done more elimination, more rational fighting, and more saves than anyone else. In short, Vegeta is actually the Universe 7 player who is following the […]

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    One Thing Everyone Missed About Goku Ultra Instinct

    Dragon Ball Super is getting more and more exciting as more events are unfolding right in front of our eyes. Universe 6 lost two of its most valuable players and now that they only have four warriors left, they are in a very big trouble. Universe 7 on the other hand still has seven warriors […]