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    Another Clue That Vegeta Is Going To Be Eliminated Next

    Every Vegeta fans are agonizing over the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. Vegeta is confirmed to be the third wheel on the next episode and it puts him to risk of elimination. The other two fighters that will be fighting is Master Roshi and Frost. As much as we want to see Vegeta in […]

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    The Unavoidable Clash Between Universe 6 And Universe 7!

    The Tournament of Power is a tournament held for the best fighters all over the multiverse to gather. There’s a lot at stake here in this tournament. The defeat means erasure and victory mean survival of not only one planet but a whole universe. And we’ve seen how devastating it would be. There is no way […]

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    Frost Stole U7’s Most Dangerous Technique And Is Going To Eliminate Someone From U7

    Viewers are going to see Master Roshi again in Dragon Ball Super. Universe 6’s Ice-jin Frost will be taking advantage of Master Roshi’s weakened state. Frost, together will Magetta, will be cornering Master Roshi. Because of the desperate situation, Master Roshi would be using the Mafuba once again. There is a possibility that Master Roshi […]

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    Frieza’s Evil Plan Against The Gods In Dragon Ball Super

    Majin Buu was supposed to be in the Tournament of Power. But in an unfortunate (and a rather odd) turn of events, he exhausted himself by training. Frieza was recruited by Goku in the last minute of his recruitment project. It was a last minute effort to save the Universe 7. But before the Tournament […]

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    Will Vegeta Also Get A Limit Breaker Form? Quake Of Fury Unleashed!

    When it comes to the world of Dragon Ball, there is no rivalry greater than Goku and Vegeta. This rivalry is actually a good thing for the two pure Saiyans. When one achieves something, the other will do everything to catch up. This thing is still true but might change soon. Goku is expected to […]

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    Five Important Things We Learned From Dragon Ball Super Episode 106

    The episode 106 is kinda mellow for the dramatic past episode. Though more Universe 7 characters were seen in this episode, there are no key moments happened. And what’s even worse is that Tien Shinhan was eliminated. But there are still things that we have learned in this episode. And some of them are really […]

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    Dr. Rota’s Possible True Ability [THEORY]

    The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super has shown Tien’s tenacity. He won’t lose hope even though he is falling. He won’t let victory happen for someone who has taken him down. Overall, Tien’s ability is decent and is worthy of Beerus’ respect. Speaking of real skills, here is a guy who received no chance of […]