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    The Reason Why Frieza Is Behaving Erratically After Toppo’s Elimination

    Who’s that cool-headed and schemy-schemy evil person over there? Yep, that’s right, it’s Frieza. Soon you’ll be able to see him as a mighty schemer. You’ll hear his maniacal laugh echoing around the World of Void as he celebrates his victory. He’s very happy to finally outsmart everyone. And his wish is just an armful away, nobody can […] More

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    Tournament Of Power Ranking (Before Toppo Elimination)

    Before Toppo’s elimination, there are only six warriors left in the Tournament of Power. That would be four for the Universe 7 (Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, and Frieza) and two for Universe 11 (Toppo and Jiren). Toppo then decided to become a God of Destruction, using his Hakai and God of Destruction powers as his […] More

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    Top 8 Worst Fathers Ever In The Anime World

    We all know that watching anime is not a good source of tips for inspiring parents. Who want to have parental tips that they can apply to their children. The anime world is full of anime characters that are unfortunate enough to have no family from the start. But there are more unfortunate characters who […] More

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    Top Five Vegeta Memes Of All Time

    Huge series, such as Dragon Ball and it’s expanded shows has a huge fanbase all over the world in the past decades. Dragon Ball Super is adding a new generation of fans to the series. With a huge fanbase, the series has generated a lot of memes. That are being used inside and outside the […] More

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    This Is What Happens To Unsold Mangas In Japan

    Whether it is an anime or a live-action adaptation, what fuels these mediums is the classic inked manga illustration. Manga is where you see your favorite anime characters first before anime or live adaptations. What fuels a series to continue is ultimately the merchandises and the manga sales. The more manga sales, the more chances […] More