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  • Beerus


    Akira Toriyama Totally Forget About An Important Thing Again

    Akira Toriyama might be well known for three things, his Dragon Ball series, the vast war of Canons from fans, and his inconsistent and forgetful mind. Just like what he said in an interview once, Toyotaro knows more about Dragon Ball series than him. And it with memory lapses that even caused Super Saiyan 2 […]

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    Confirmed: Ultra Instinct ‘OMEN’ Returns To Fight [Spoiler]

    Since Goku’s Ultra Instinct was introduced in the Tournament of Power, everyone seem to want Goku in that state again. We just can’t help ourselves to disagree on Whis’ statement that it is impossible for Goku to achieve that state again. And because of this, we just really want Goku to beat the heck out […]

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    The Reason Why Vegeta Should Aim For Super Saiyan Blue 2 Instead

    Vegeta got the second place when it comes to the number of transformations in his closet. The Prince of all Saiyans is very determined to surpass the last remaining pure blooded Saiyan of his Universe by training harder. When Goku has a new transformation, Vegeta will surely get it later on in the anime or […]

  • vegito ultra instinct


    Akira Toriyama Don’t Want Vegito In Dragon Ball Super

    Vegito is one of the most powerful characters in the whole Dragon Ball franchise. In a sense, he is the perfect version of Vegeta and Goku, canceling the two warrior’s individual fatal flaws. And with Super Saiyan Blue, Vegito was able to surpass even Lord Beerus, at least in the manga. Because of Vegito being […]

  • kafla


    God Goku Defeated By New Warrior Kafla, Goku To Use [Spoiler] Again?

    Fusion with Potara Earrings is a fascinating thing in the whole Dragon Ball series. Not only will it be able to introduce another character, but the fusion character will also be similar to the base characters. And not only that, every fusion character defies the law of power levels (if that thing still exists) and can […]

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    The Only Thing That Will Complete Ultra Instinct

    Are you excited to see the Ultra Instinct again? Goku seems to be gaining back his strength in a fast pace. His fight against Jiren was intense and there is no way he can fight like that again without the Ultra Instinct. So to beat Jiren, it is expected that Goku will be able to […]