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    Here’s Why Hidden Universe 4 Warriors Might Be Appearing Soon

    The Universe 4 is known for its very unusual warriors. Master Roshi took out most of them before losing his stamina and nearly died. What is that one thing that separates them from other universes? Instead of relying on transformations which is how Universe 7 warriors fight, they are creative fighters who will use every advantage […]

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    DBS EP 114 Birth Of A New Super Warrior, Identity Revealed?

    When you hear fusion, the first one to come to your mind is the over-powered warriors coming from the fusion dance or the potara earrings. Gogeta and Vegito are the most powerful fusions so far, but Gotenks is the first one to successfully undergo this process of combining two people. Whenever you see fusion in […]

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    Three Techniques That Might Beat Jiren

    Jiren could basically be considered as a God of Destruction right now, after fighting against Ultra Instinct Goku. Both mortals displayed great power during their fights last episode. You can actually say that they can be considered as two Gods of Destruction fighting. Unfortunately, Goku lost and Jiren is now the biggest threat to every […]

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    Zeno-Sama’s Appearance in DBS Might Actually Be More Problematic That You Think

    The two Zeno-samas are adorable characters in the Dragon Ball Super. And beside from being adorable characters, they are also the King of Everything. They share that title now that there are two of them Iiving in the mainstream timeline, courtesy of Goku. Before them, the most powerful characters are threats to Earth’s (and other […]

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    Goku’s Ultra Instinct Form Is Incomplete And Here’s Why

    Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is one of the most exciting stuff right now in the Tournament of Power. WIth even the Gods choking after seeing him transform like that, Goku’s position as one of the most powerful mortals is reinstated. Of course, Jiren is still another story, but Goku’s newest transformation is something that didn’t […]

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    5 Warriors Who Got The Best Shot In Eliminating Jiren

    First thing first, I want to emphasize “eliminate”, not “beat” because in Jiren’s state right now, he is undeniably unbeatable. Unless Goku would have the power of Ultra Instinct again, we would never see anyone who can take Jiren one on one without being the underdog. And this is just my opinion so please take […]

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    Is Ultra Instinct Goku Stronger Than Vegito Blue? – Explained

    Power-scaling is one of the most wonderful and most annoying features of the Dragon Ball Series, In all honesty, you can’t really ignore the difference between Vegeta and Cui’s fight back in the day because of a little power gap between the two. But when it comes to Jiren, what the heck are power levels? […]