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    Something Terrible Will Happen To Goku In DBS 116

    Hey guys. It’s about time we all jump aboard the hype train. Today Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 115 was released and holymoly, it was really good. Continuing from where they left off, Gokū and Kefla were still going at it. Gokū was able to restrain Kefla with Super Saiyan Blue for some time. However, as […]

  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

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    Dragon Ball Super 115 New Spoiler

    In last episode we saw Kefla taking Super Saiyan God Goku, real easy. Tomorrow’s Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 is will be mainly focused on Goku vs Kefla. Earlier this week some spoilers were revealed for DBS 115, the spoilers revealed that Goku will transform into Super Saiyan Blue to fight Kefla and in answer […]

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    Next Universe To Get Erased – Revealed

    Hey guys. I’ve got some huge news. News so big that will cause the termination of an entire universe. Till now, we have six universes left in the Tournament of Power. Out of all the participating universes, two have been eliminated. These are Universes Nine and Ten. However, this is about to change as another […]

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    Goku Just Got Even Stronger Than Before

    The dragon ball tradition has been that Goku is always the strongest no matter what. This is what he always aims for as well. Which explains why he always seeks to fight the strongest. He believes that he becomes strong through fighting guys stronger than him. Unlike Vegeta who believes in intense training only. Well […]

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    4 ToP Warriors That Have A Chance Of Defeating Jiren

    Jiren is a monstrous fighter from Universe 11, with power that even exceeds the God of Destruction of his own Universe, Belmod. We saw him in action against Goku, and he stomped on him. As of now, Jiren isn’t even fighting anymore. After Goku lost Ultra Instinct and was of no match, Jiren went to […]

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    No One Noticed One Thing About Vegeta In ToP

    This post is written by DannyzPlay on reddit. First off let me just say that Vegeta vs Toppo happening off-screen is not a good thing for fans. This match-up was something many desired before the Tournament Of Power even began. A fight like this really should have an episode or two dedicated towards it, hopefully, […]