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  • One Piece Chapter 904

    One Piece Chapter 904 Possible Spoilers

    One Piece Chapter 904 is nearly here. OP 903 took everyone by surprise. Not only, it stormed the fictional world of One Piece but also, it managed to catch everyone in the real One Piece community off-guard. No one imagined or, guessed the events which we read in One Piece Chapter 903. Luffy getting a […] More

  • WWE SmackDown Live Results may 1 2018

    WWE SmackDown Live Results, Matches, And Winners – May 1, 2018

    WWE SmackDown Live results for May 1, 2018 are here. After the Greatest Royal Rumble, this week’s SmackDown Live served as the pathway for the upcoming PPV, the Backlash.With Backlash only 5 days away, SmackDown Live wrapped up the storylines with more intense actions so as to hype up the Pay Per View on Sunday. […] More

  • Naruto shippuden filler

    Naruto Shippuden Filler – A Complete Guide

    In this article, I will be writing on the Naruto Shippuden filler so that, you can watch only the main story part without the annoying fillers. When re-watching Naruto series, the first thing that comes to a fan’s mind is, “How to watch Naruto Shippuden without fillers?” or “What episodes of Naruto are fillers?” The […] More

  • FighterZ Cup

    Dragon Ball FighterZ News: Leaked DLC Trailer Confirms Vegito Blue

    Recently, it was revealed that Fused Zamasu would be the new addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ, and ever since it happened, fans started guessing for the next potential fighter. A new Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer was leaked and it features Vegito Blue. Thanks to Shonen Games’ efforts the trailer is available for fans on their Twitter account. […] More

  • My Hero Academia Episode 43

    My Hero Academia Episode 43 Spoilers: Tetsutetsu’s Big Fight Against Mustard

    My Hero Academia Episode 43 spoilers are here. Ever since My Hero Academia returned with its season 3, fans eagerly waited for the School Trip arc, and now that its started, things have got pretty intense already.The Vanguard Action Squad has taken the charge, and they hit everyone present in the forest boot camp at […] More

  • Call of Duty Black Ops 4

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 To Bring Back Its Pick 10 System?

    Treyarch is coming back with its next installment in the Black Ops series, Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Recently, from their official Twitter account, it seems that one of the most in-demand multiplayer modes will be available in Call of Duty Black Ops 4, which they didn’t make available in the latest game released […] More

  • One Piece 903 Official Spoilers

    One Piece 903 Official Spoilers, Luffy’s New Bounty, Fifth Yonko

    The Whole Cake Island is finally over, and now Luffy and company are gearing towards Wano to start the biggest war the world has ever since. Luffy’s enemy is getting more stronger with every new arc. Previously it was Youkou Big Mom, and now it will be the strongest Yonkou, Kaido of the Beast Pirates. […] More

  • One Piece 903 delay

    One Piece 903 Delayed, New Release Date

    One Piece 903 is being delayed. After One Piece Chapter 902 came out, it created an uproar in the entire One Piece community. All were lashing out at the arc especially at the ending chapters, some even commented “What a horrible climax”, but if you ask me, I would say, it was a great arc. […] More