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    Revealed: When Tournament Of Power Will End

    Its been some time since the universe survival arc made its debut. And for a battle royale that only lasts for 48 minutes I got to say that is way overdoing it. The arc debuted somewhere around march earlier this year. And it was revealed to be just half way not long ago. If you […]

  • dragon ball super ending

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    Dragon Ball Team Reveals If Dragon Ball Super Is Ending

    Its been some time since dragon ball super made its debut in 2015. After the franchise has been out of screen for several years, finally it is back in action to make the top headlines amongst other anime. Dragon Ball GT was non canon and very short and now that DBS is already on its […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Manga Makes A Huge Change From Anime

    Hey guys. Currently we are locked in a heated battle between Caulifla and Goku. Things have been really intense. We know earlier in order to confirm certain things, we need to take a look at the manga to confirm that thing before jumping to conclusions. But, things have changed since Dragon Ball super anime started […]

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    DBS Manga Confirms a Huge Detail About The Angels

    The Angels are beings who possess tremendous powers in Dragon Ball Super. They are beings who are said to be even stronger than Gods of Destruction, and they possess power nobody has ever gotten close to achieving. Even the likes of Goku, and Jiren cannot compete when it comes to the angels. The first angel […]

  • Special paramecia devil fruit

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    Top 5 Special Paramecia Devil Fruit Users in One Piece

    As we know One Piece world has three types of Devil Fruits, Zoan, Logia and Paramecia and lots of Devil Fruit users among these types, we do see some who got rather different abilities than others of same type Devil Fruit. Here, the ones that are easy to detect or notice are mostly special paramecia […]

  • Zoro new sword

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    Zoro Is Getting A New Sword In Wano Kingdom

    Zoro is one of the main characters that we all love, his tolerance to pain is out of this world, his strength, endurance, enormous amount of stamina and after all his ways to protect his crew from tough opponents is what we all get to admire from this character. Even though all of these traits, […]

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    New Thor: Ragnarok Popcorn Helmets And They Look Awesome!

    Because Marvel fans weren’t excited enough as it was, now it has been announced that Thor: Ragnarok will have its own epic popcorn helmets. The awesome popcorn tins have been around for the past couple of years, especially when it comes to Marvel films, however, this time Marvel has taken it to the next level. […]

  • Remaing Uzumaki Clan Members

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    All Remaining Uzumaki Clan Members in Boruto – ALIVE

    The Uzumaki Clan overpowered all other clans in Uzushiogakure. It’s literal meaning is Village Hidden in Whirling Tides otherwise known as Land of Whirlpools, with a symbol resembling a whirlpool which is now almost exactly to what the Hidden Leaf Village wear on their back. Uzushio’s Uzumaki clan and Konoha’s Senju Clan had strong ties […]