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    Top Admirals in One Piece

    In a world run by pirates with super human strength, chaos should reign supreme. However, the world government ensures that this never transpires through the aid of the Navy. With abilities to match even the best of Pirates (such as Big Mom and Kaido), I’ve made a list of who I believe are the strongest […]

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    Splatfest Invisibility vs Flight

    Is it better to be invisible or to be able to fly? Would you prefer to fly to any destination that you desire, like Japan for instance; or would you prefer to be invisible, to sneak into the latest Marvel Movie for example. Which is superior? Which is more practical? It’s a discussion as old […]

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    Dragon Ball FighterZ – Character Reveal

    If you didn’t already know, the next Gen of Dragon Ball Z game is Dragon Ball Fighter Z. The classic action-packed game is slated to drop in early 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (Nintendo needs to get this). Created by ARC SYSTEM WORKS and BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT, the iconic series is back with […]