Attack on Titan’s current arc is a setup arc for what’s to come in the future, but it is also an extremely important one because of that very reason. Attack on Titan 105 will be one surprise chapter, as in the previous chapter of Attack on Titan we saw how the Jaw Titan made his powers known, and how Eren dealt with him regardless of previous experience.

Attack on Titan Chapter 105 Spoilers

It was an epic face-off, but thanks to the help of the Survey Corps, Eren emerged victoriously. In the process, he ended up consuming the Warhammer Titan as well, which has now made him even more powerful than he was before. Eren now has the power of the Attack Titan, the Coordinate, and the Warhammer Titan, all of which are powerful. Apart from Eren’s bit of action, we got to see Armin in his Colossal Titan form, and he did some useful stuff.

Attack on Titan Chapter 105

However, we didn’t get to focus on him too much. His work was wrapped up quickly, and then Hagne stepped in with her aircraft to get everyone out of there. Most of the people from Paradise Island evacuated successfully, and some of the Survey Corps had a new job on their hands, and it was to defend the airship from attacks until it is out of their range.

In the next chapter, we’ll get to see the counter-attack of the Marley, and the Paradise team will have but one job to do; protect and hold against the attack, and make their escape without sacrificing too many people. Of course, that’s not an easy thing to do. It’s Attack on Titan, so we should know that there are going to be those who die here. But, most of the main characters will make it out of there.

Attack on Titan Chapter 105

That’s because they should be ready for what’s to come. This little fight was just a declaration of War. The real War is yet to come, so every main character will need to be prepared for what’s to come. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter. Since the Marlayans were taken by surprise, they suffered a lot. However, they have regrouped now, and I feel like we’ll see a great counter-attack in the next chapter of Attack on Titan. That way, the current arc will get even more exciting than it was before. I’m looking forward more to the end of the arc though because we’ll get an idea of what’s to come next. I hope you enjoyed Attack on Titan Chapter 104 just as much as I did.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming chapter of Attack on Titan? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll see you guys soon.


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